Aizen's Evil Scheme (Part 2)


Crouching Tiger

To continue,

Aizen has successfully sealed off the Ryoka, 4 shinigami Captains, four Lieutenants, and, er, Rukia and Hanatarō. Soul Society now lacks any Captains, but he's on his way to Karakura Town which happens to have 6 Captains including Yamamoto himself, as well as 6 Lieutenants, two ex-Captains, the Last Quincy, and the former head of Soul Societies' Special Forces.

All totally irrelevant.

The lies he spread in this Chapter are far more crucial to his main scheme. Aizen Sōsuke told everyone that Inoue was no longer relevant to his plans, perhaps never was in the first place beyond being Bait, and even invited them to try and take her back if they thought they could.

And what does this tell Inoue? That she is useless.

That she was kidnapped, rescued, re-kidnapped and have seen her friends fight, beaten, and on the verge of Death, all for nought. She is an unusual girl, but she is still just a girl, and ultimately little more than a Pawn in Aizen's Grand Master Plan. Her friends are now coming for her again, but seeing the state Ichigo was in after fighting just the 6th Espada, and being beaten by the 5th, how could they possible hope to succeed? Even one of the Top 4 Espada seems more than capable of killing Ichigo with ease (as Ulquiorra very nearly did); the Captains help, but the odds are grim.

And all the while, as far as she knows her home is largely undefended, and is being annihilated by her seemingly invincible captor who has shown that he has anticipated everything.

She will try and destroy the Hyugoku, a just as Aizen planned. This is just more incentive to get her to do so, and perhaps unnecessary. Of course, Inoue is but one thing he is interested in, and he looks forward to seeing who far this incredible Vizard child can go before he tries to use the fully wakened Hyugoku on himself.

And as someone else suggested in another Thread (and this is the 3rd or 4th one about what Aizen is really up to, though I started the trend last week, I think), having so many Captains in Karakura Town does raise the level of Spiritual power in the area by a teeny, tiny bit, and that might work in Aizen's favour.

One more thing- who else thinks that Aizen might not have one or two more allies in the Captains of the Gotei 13? Imagine if Mayuri (for example) and one more Captain down on Earth was on his side- what would that do to our Heroes plans?
awesome thread again Masamune, great speculation and nice continuation to your last. I've not really got much else to add other than agreement that Aizen is still interested in Orihime and that he's still utilising misdirection.
Yup pretty much agree, no way in hell will Aizen go through years of planning to get the hyogoku and suddenly tell all the invaders where orihime is so that they know the location as well, something is up.

Also we can see that only Aizen,gin and tousen are going to karakura right now, now Aizen for some reason may not know about the others there or he may have a plan for them too but considering only 3rd seat level shinigami are in SS right now , a menos grande rush led by even 1 of the top 4 espada would fuck up SS big time, and I think its one of his plans
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