Aizen and 'Hime from 313



I just felt like coloring this.

It was a quick thing so I didn't bother much with the shading or background.
Let this be a lesson to everyone... You better smile or Aizen will rape you. :pek

Thanks for commenting. :p
Wow. As much as I should hate Aizen the pedo, I don't! The man can do no wrong in my eyes <3

Nice Job!
It's so pretty.:love

And Aizen is not a pedo!!!:mad:cry

You're totally right. I mean, look at Orihime? Would you mistake that chest for a 10 year old?:p Great coloring! This pairing is smexy smexy and moar smexy. secretly wishes Aizen wanted to make her Queen, even if she had no control and just wanted to look PC
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