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In regards to the anime what added scenes do you think will be included in the upcoming season starting from the second invasion.

For me Komamura's full reversion back to a wolf and ibas struggle to keep him alive/escape
I would like more of what its like for

the characters who were brought back from the dead by Kurotsuchi, like whehter all of their soul really came back or not. Just a line or two to see how, say, Hitsugaya is handling it.
Byakuya vs Accutone and fodder is what I'm personally hoping gets expanded the most.
Others are obviously Ukitake/Ryuken/Shutara/Kirinji
Shinji and co. escaping Bazz-B

Chad and Ginjo vs statues
Gotei 6 vs Stern Ritter 8 expanded
Renji vs Bazz-B ft. Rukia

Shuhei should just stay behind instead of going to the Reio since he contributes nothing at that point (or any point before, I know)

Cang Du and BG9 getting taken back should be cut and they should just lose when they do

More Grimmjow and Nel

All info from CFYOW should be put in (or continue to). No lost information.

Development for Yhwach’ character

Extended Uryu role and battle

And finally more Ryuken and Isshin

Unfortunately Ichigo vs Yhwach round 2 is unfixable, not sure about 3.
I will always keep my hopes low so I’m not going to actually expect additional content for any of this but

Ichigo vs the group of sternritter

Soul King lore

Ukitake anything
He basically has to retcon him blowing himself up to play a part beyond what he did.

There is a chance, but I am not so sure. He is probably gonna keep Ichigo's New Bankai being broken in one panel. FFS
He basically has to retcon him blowing himself up to play a part beyond what he did.

There is a chance, but I am not so sure. He is probably gonna keep Ichigo's New Bankai being broken in one panel. FFS
that's not really the issue. Kenpachi's fights were already bloated to shit. Good feats and bad ones.
Like Gremmy vs Kenpachi was 7 chapters, arguably the longest fight in the entire manga. Anime doesn't even need to extend it because Kubo goes the extra mile when giving that guy center stage. Gerard wasn't much different. They were already clashing equally before Hoffnung. The anime can't add more that would change his standing, unless he gets up after blowing his arm off. But that would require changing the fight entirely.
Sigh, people need to wake up and smell the coffee. Zaraki doesn't need to prove anything, Kubo and Narita have already made his standing very clear.
I need Ukitake, Uryu, Jugram, Ryuken and Isshin to do something. Can't expect too much from the RG but I'd like their Zanpakutō releases at least. Ichigo almost needs a complete rewrite, which probably won't happen.
Just give me boy Ukitake something, a brief fight before he kicks the bucket is enough

At this point I'll even take a 5 second flashback of him trading with Askin in the First Invasion. Ukitake fans are desperate for anything at this point
Jugram vs Uryū additions, (it won't happen but) Gerard stays dead after the Team Ult, Uryū vs Ichigo, Askin vs Ichigo, Yoruichi and Kisuke (just a smidge and that flashback/backstory he talked about), probably a little more Royal Guard combat, Isshin vs White finna go crazy, etc.
Byakuya's solo would be nice, Ichigo v 8 extensions, Renji and Rukia vs Bazz B, Aizen & Ichigo vs Yhwach (individually and together), etc.
If they flesh out Byakuya destroying three Sternritter singlehandedly, they could transform one of the most annoying moments in the manga into the stuff that YouTube reaction videos are made of.
A lot of great ideas here.

I'd add : more scenes for Ukitake, Rose and Kensei from the top of my head.
It would be cool to see them defeat some other SternRitters

EDIT : more from Shinji and some other characters as well, like a few moments from the Vizards, Lieutenants... Some action from Iba and Isane would help anchor them being Captains as well
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