about the snake


i'm gonna get you!
i've read most of the discussion so far, including the ones about the oro-snake, and i see that no one noticed this:

in the first page of the new chap

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we see a little snake escaping susanoo, and immediately after we see the remaining pieces of the hydra "disappear", like any of the other summons in the manga

but then at the end

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we see that the snake is still there! it didn't disappear with the hydra, meaning it wasn't part of it!!

maybe it's really orochimaru, wich escaped at the last moment form susanoo's sword, before he was completely sealed into the bottle?

p.s. first thread, so go easy please :p
I also wondered about the significance of the snake.

The snake could have bit Itachi, hence his sudden collapse. It could also be laying in the midst waiting to possess Itachi or Sasuke.

Itachimaru would be awesome, eh?
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