Aang and Samurai Jack vs. Saruman's Army (Helm's Deep)

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Aang (Avatar) and Samurai Jack's loved ones are behind Helm's Deep.

10,000 Uruk-Hai are coming.

Samurai Jack is on his horse, and has his sword, plus a bow and arrow with 50arrows.

Aang has his Kite thing.

Edit: Oh yea, no prep time. Since we already know Samurai Jack can take a whole army with prep time.
Kuya said:
Aang, loved ones, behind Helm's Deep.

Aang goes Avatar mode whenever he or his friends are in danger. He wipes this army out,assuming this is that army of orcs. I'm not a fanboy, this is how it would go.
Aang goes Avatar states fuses with the spirit of the forest (treebeard) then proceeds to rape everything within several miles :oh
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