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A new debate style idea

Aegon Targaryen

The Shield That Guards The Realm of Men
Speedy, if you make it x3 Pre-WA Sakura and restrict the 6G and 7G, we have an accord :bury

Either that or x10 Pre-WA Sakura against 6G Guy :obamabury

Sakura needs to be able to beat Omoi before she can handle Guy's lightweight :russ


There should be a limit to the debating not until one gets bored or concedes ,clearly some people have no life on here. Set a limit on how much they can go back and forth, then have people vote on who won. This will also help the deluded member s on here see majority of people dont hold their views, and maybe it will help them, if not at least it will further expose who is super biased or deluded.


Satô no Kyoki
So it's the mini version of old debate tournament matches ?!

Then I have to say It's not gonna change much. We need to stop manga bender masons out there :D


They Said I Be Trollin. Where?
Nah. We should debate our points with thoroughness. I don't think placing limitations of any kind would help to get points across properly and fully. Especially not in this place with the subjects we discuss

Aegon Targaryen

The Shield That Guards The Realm of Men

My debate with @Mad Scientist just concluded today. Anyone else up for a debate on the following topics (with me or anyone else?).

No troll topics or obviously unbalanced fights please (e.g. P1 Kakashi vs SM Jiraiya), thank you!

1) Sasori vs Kakuzu
2) Tsunade vs Ay4
3) Hiruzen vs Kisame
4) SM Naruto vs MS Sasuke
5) Jiraiya vs Orochimaru
6) Hebi Sasuke vs KN4 Naruto (Sharingan suppression restricted)
7) Living Minato vs Edo Nagato
8) Killer Bee vs Edo Itachi
9) WA Guy (up to 7G) vs WA Kakashi
10) Muu vs Ay3
11) Zabuza vs Asuma
12) CE Neji vs CE Sasuke
13) Edo Nagato vs SM Kabuto
14) Kisame, Zabuza, and Suigetsu vs Living Itachi
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