A great battle!


Could it have been done any better except if you wanted Itachi to win.

The battle had everything especially sheer suspence. The way Itachi got defeated was pure art. Poking Sasuke on the forehead then collapsing on the wall and Sasuke standing shocked just "Beautiful".:cry

The Moral is so clear too i think its baisically "Greed". Poor Itachi...

Dont you agree or could you have thought of a better way of ending the fight...if it has ended? :amuse
I agree with th op, Itachi´s "death" was epic and beautiful
But still, the whole fight lacks emotions IMO
The whole fight was just physical like Oversoul mentioned it lacked emotions. They were just going at each other with genjutsu the first half of the fight, then the second half of the fight just more Mangekyou and jutsus,then at the finale of the fight we finally see emotions coming from Sasuke and Itachi has it came to the conclusion. Emotions should have been more frequent in the battle,and also more dialouge could have been said except for explaining Mangkeyou Techniques and Jutsus.
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