A few fights

Endless Mike

Getting too old for this shit
1. Luffy vs. Sesshoumaru

2. Luffy vs. Naraku

3. Enel vs. Naraku

4. Naruto KN4 vs. Naraku

5. Sasori vs. Sesshoumaru
Sesh will send all of his opponents to hell,and Naraku will be able to take out everyone except maybe Enel because he is a logia and pretty much immortal.
Noone can take down Naraku cause he'll just run away.

Even if you say, "battle takes on an inescapable and small space", Naraku will still run away...

Anyways....Naraku cant beat Enel. Mantra will make it a stalmate.

Sessh sends everyone to hell, Sesh fights are a bit dumb but oh well
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