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yeah, what's up with the SH's facing all these giant people...the last 4 enemies have been huge, there Moira, Oz, Duval, and Kuma

but yeah, I expect some major whoop ass, the SH crew is so much stronger now than before.

I wonder who Duval hates? He keeps saying THAT MAN....I think it's sanji or Zoro.
@ makaveli180

ya and im startin to think Duval is a new guy because on page 7 he says "Ive bin waitin ALL my life"... Duval is on some serious "grudge-man complex".. guess we'll have to wait and find out..

and ya they got stronger but tht duzent mean they got stronger than the new world ppl.. but i see wat your saying and hopefully this fight is great
I just really want to know who Duval is. He's probably new though, because didn't he mention an injury to his back? I don't really remember anyone's back getting injured, but I may be wrong.
LMAO. I swear this is the only manga that actually gets me to laugh out loud on a consistent basis.

"Sanji: Oy! How's Arlong?" lol Great stuff
Seeing that pose on the last page, the Strawhats are about to bring the pain. Standard.

YOU KNOW massive hurting is about to go down after that pose. You know it.
i was wondering if you guys recall anyone with a weird accent? that's gotta be a clue if it's someone from the manga's past.
As I mentioned in the other thread, a spoiler-translator noted that the accent he gets when he's angry is different from any in One Piece before.
Someone new, and has a weird accent, and has a connection with one of the SHs. And has a "huge wound" in his back...
Let's use logicks!

-He's waiting for "that man", so that rules out Nami and Robin.
-He has a "huge wound", so that might rule out Sanji, Chopper, and Luffy, who don't really cause flesh wounds/scarring.
-So we have Usopp, Brooke, Zoro, and Franky left.
-Now, Duval said he's been waiting his "whole life" for revenge. So either he's a lot younger than he looks, or a lot older (having antagonized Brooke).


Camie's facial expressions are great. LOL
I'm betting its was Shanks hes really looking for. It would be a nice test of strength to see if Luffy can beat the same guy Shanks did.
It was already mentioned that it's a man on the ship, and chances aren't it isn't Luffy so it wouldn't make much sense for it to be Luffy's fight.
Its Usopp. :LOS

I've been thinking that myself but whenever I say something about it I get made fun of by others. He's the last person someone would think of, other than chopper, as a person to get back at for revenge.

Although, if Duval is going for revenge against chopper it might have to do with his first transformation into the monster point after eating too many rumble balls. Duval did say something about his scar on his back hurting.
Chopper is a possibility given the fact that he's destroyed a village before when he went into his Monster mode.
good chapter it really shows how powerful SH crew is now, they really dont fear anybody anymore and are easily able to dispose of these twerps
I'm guessing Duval was owned by Shanks and still thinks he carries the Straw Hat, so when he sees Luffy he will be like "WTF!"

Also it was awesome how the brought back Hacci or what ever his name is.
Duval's henchman says "indeed!! he has been clearly sighted on the ship!!!"

uh oh.. one of the SH is gunna get killed.. (sad).. lol jk ..hope not
The Strawhats are gonna kick some ass, lol.

The more I think about it, I believe that Duval is gonna be a new character.
i really liked this chapter. it seemed really long. them all seeing hacchi again was pretty funneh.

but the last shot, with them all standing there, you just KNOW awesome shit's gonna go down next chapter. great chapter.
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