393 page14-15. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...~_~


mine is a Blindconcept jutsu
so after this whole thing Itachi dies of a heart attack?... oooooh come on!.
he deserved better... and now Sasuke will go crazy cause he wasnt the one who killed him...lol anyways. I hope you guys like it.

It's nice, but what's up with this heartattack bullshit? I doub't that that's the way he's gonna go out.
Certainly this is realistically colored. The prints on Itachi's arm from blood and fingers looks great, as does Susano'o. The yellow tone you gave it makes it look somewhat angelic. The only problem I have is the sky, or certain parts of it, which seem too light or not colored well near the clouds.
Very well done. I love the amount of detail. and The BG colors are amazing. Excellent work. You are definitely one of the best on NarutoForums
Hey thnx everyone, this forum has helped me alot in my progress
theres some really crazy artits in here.

again thnx alot.
Looks very nice :amuse Their hair looks very well done, and the shading looks sharp and neat. Keep it up XD
Loved this panel :love

You did a fantastic job of coloring it, really did the scene justice. Itachi in particular looks appropriatly near death. The background is really pretty as well. Hmm..can't think of any promblems, really. Normally I'd say "too pale" but for this scene the skin tone is perfect.

Oh, and hopefully things will be explained in 394, I think there's a good reason Itachi died the way he did, but obviously won't get into it here...
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