[393] Page 3 - Itachi panel


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Bah, i know it sucks, but its my first coloring, so i wanted to share it with you :facepalm

Version 2
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Nice one makes me go and do the same lol never tried coloring anything except for logos xD :huh
A very fast job :amuse It looks pretty good for a first coloring with some good colors and some nice simple shading!
It's nice, Itachi is now a Hyuuga:amuse. I think a little highlight on the tip of his nose would look nice. And a little more texturing for his bangs.:)
Awesome job for your first coloring. I prefer version 1.
I wonder if Itachi's eyes would really be pale like that, or if they would be plain red?
I like the blue light radiating from Susano and outlining Itachi. Nice coloring and shading!
Good coloring - like the first colors a bit better. XD
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