393 page 16 panel 1 by KS


I havent colored in a long time....colored yesterday...it feels weird......
But anyway, great chapter, i really liked it. I guess the Battle is over and Sasuke got his revenge ^^..but now what?.....

V1. With glow

i used the water drops around itachi's head to show the impact of him hitting the wall. And...i tried to make a lil screenshot of it XD

V2. without glow

i think when them show this in the anime....its gonna be a triple-take or something hehe
You are one of my favourite artists on this forum. And seriously theres nothing else I can tell you that i havent already, this pannel is PERFECT!, the shades, the way you use the blur and your lighting of the scene.
Its just too PRO!

Great job!
I like Version 1 more. The sun coming out after the long war between the brothers and the storm of their hatred just seems to fit a little better to me. :amuse
ok. i'm no colorer myself (well i actually attempted a cover of jiraiya one time, but never finished it, and i guess i quit since i never tried to color after that)

but! i'm a big critic so this is just another point of judgement.

i think you should also be pleased to know that i registered just now only because i wanted to comment on your work for this one panel. and-

i love it. it's awesome, and i like the "glow" version better. looks like something that belongs in a cinema (word chosen because it sounds fancier than the mere 'movie'; and to emphasize how great it is), not a pathetic anime that they do for Shippuuden.

wonderful job. :]

Both look pretty good, the coloring looks very nice and so does the glow in both colorings.
I think the glow makes it a bit too bright, so I like the second version more. Cool water effects, and I like how the shading came out!
I like the first one with the glow - like the enhanced contrast. Also like the water drops used to show Itachi's impact on the rock, very nice touch.
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