Noo Itachi you are attacking the wrong object!!!

Other Version:

I think the wall wins this one

guys, if you want to use these colorings in any way, at least post here that you're using them, I stopped watermarking them for that
***+REP*** :wtf

Wonderful coloring, I love the detail you put into their scratches on their skin. Their hair, especially, is magnificent and the background is just pure ownage :wtf

I lol'd hard at your title btw, I knew someone was bound to do that xD
Version 2 is better IMO because the colors look more natural. The first one looks to pale-ish. I really like the detail you put into the background, hair, and scratcehs. It makes the colors look more realistic.
Very good job! The second version is better due to the warmer feeling... The hair looks well done and the shading looks wonderful!
um why the wall brow isint that wall suposed to be part of the roof of the temple not the moutain.
Nicely done. I like the detail you put into the skin.

The second one looks better with the exception of the rocks in the background.
lol, nice tittle. xD

I like the scratches you put on their skin. Looks super awesome! <3
I definitely like how you've tried to use warm colors. The coloring and detail for Itachi's hair looked great.
Itachi's hair is magnificent! I love the scrapes and bruises you added to his neck and Sasuke's body.
It's probably customary of me now to at least make at least one major mistake in color choice in colorings

i need to put in more effort :apathy
Like the tone of version 1 a bit better. Great detail on the 'battle scratches'.
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