I think it brings out more the current "it's-all-over"-atmosphere, since it's very static. Next week it will be anime-like, assumed there is a panel i like :)
Yeah, a bit too dark... I like the texture for the floor and walls but i dislike the color chosen for it. The shadowing in the back of Sasuke looks messy, and the color choice for the shading seems too dark. Keep practicing!
Love your choice of colors especially the purples and greens.
Notice it's a bit different from my others (usually clean Vektor/Vexel), but therefore the style is quite uncomplicated and fast. Lots of blurs and many layers with "multiply" were used. The background was rudimentarily done (sorry for that ^^), just wanted to see some reactions, how people like this.

However, next week I'll probably color a smaller panel (look like in Shipuuden) ifI find the time :laugh

Interesting choice of colors, I wouldn't make the shading so heavy for Sasuke or any other character next time. I like how you have given the rocks green moss, not usually something seen in colorings of this fight.
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