393 - 17 by DD!

Dynamic Dragon

8_( *feels so bad for itachi*... ha-ha sasuke's such a loser.
anyway enjoys ^^

EDIT: thanks guys, heres version 2, i fixed most of the things and upped the contrast. 8)

EDIT2: added shadow...
I luv the way u coloured it ^.^
The blood, itachi arms,susano fading, it's just...AMAZING :nuts
*pants at how Itachi looks on the ground* His hair, it is beautiful, especially with the addition of stray strands. I like how you did the blood with bruising on Itachi's arm as well as how you added those little bits of dirt and blood rubbed onto their clothing. Background is so impressive to me with the texture and cracks. X3
thanks very much you guys ^^, glad u like it 8)...

i was worried the BG looked too flat? i dunno lol...

Nops =)
If u r worried I think u could darken the edge near sasuke a bit, I dunno xD (hehe I'm not good in giving sugestions ^^")
@mel: yeah i was thinking of doing that, but which corner do u mean? theres loads in this pic XD

and thansk again XD

LOL Yeah there's alot xD
hmnn the one behind sasuke I guess some in the right and just a little bit in the left, something like that (prob I'm not making myself clear srry for that hehe ^^")
Good job, the cracks, cuts, and bruises on both Sasuke and Itachi are well distinguished and colored. The blue aura for Susuanoo looks very nice also.
Wow, that's good. Perfect even. I really can't offer any advice for this...

The background and Sasano'o effects especially look good. :)
great job as always!
I thought you were going to color the poking :p in a smooth version since it's epic *O*
oh well this one is awesome as well, I love Sasuke's stupidified face o_O though seen itachi's dead? body next to it takes away my fun
tsk tsk tsk... not impressed at all!!!

Where do I start...

Ok first things first - Far too much genjutsu in this fight - You should not have let Orochimaru get defeated so easily... and that symbolism where Itachi touches Sasuke's forehead as he once did in the past?... Cliche.

The colours on the other hand .....

Awesome colouring! Especially for Itachi, the bruises and blood stains on his right arms are very nicely shaded in. Sames for his hair. I like the wisps of Susano around the edges of the picture.:)
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