392 - Orochimaru "Im back, b*tch!"

That's how I imagine the scene may be animated someday...like 514781578913 years from now :pek

You read my mind! Or something :sweatdrop

PS. Best. Title. Ever.
Overall, this is a very good coloring. I really liked how you highlight the saliva and the shading. The lighting effect in the background makes it look even better.

XD at your comment.
Great work :amuse The shadings and highlights look very nice, and i really like the clouds and tiny rays of light peeking through in the background!
It's hard to make the snakes tongue look like a tongue and not a giant cock.But your use of color makes it look a little less perverted than an un colored version.
Agree with you on the 'look' of the tongue :oh. Your coloring is amazing as always. Love the slick shininess to the snakes fangs and eyes, especially.
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