[392] Cover by Patrik_h88

Sweet!! 8D

Could you share the textures you used for the buildings please?
This is amazing! you've been my favorite artist on here for ages now, you always bring out the best. :iria
Everything came out very nicely! The coloring is very sharp, and I like the texturing on the cloak a lot! Even the little cracks on his mask really add to this work!
Awesome job! The background looks really nice as well as the lighting :amuse The shading on Tobi's mask looks really detailed and well done. The shadows on his cloak looks really nice and the sparkles in the sky look beautiful!
Everything looks AMAZING in your colouring.

Damn. It's very nice.

I love the buildings especially and how you coloured his mask. <3

Gorgeous job - almost looks 3D. Love the color choices as well. Best coloring of this cover I've seen.
Oh my gosh! =D I love the dashes of white and the blur of the background; the colors your used were PERFECT, and the shading of his hair looks slick. There's such a smooth variation of color and his mask *o*
Tobi!! I like the fact that you blurred out the background to bring the focus to Tobi. Awesome shading for his mask and I like the cracks or scratches that you added to it.
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