392 Cover + 08-09 7S^ (Newbie come back again! )


Here it is!
Newbie come back again (2 months of coloring now) :nod I hope you like it!

Double page

Don't mind my spelling!
Thanky you :p
It's good, but the only thing is, make the text visible, i.e, make the colours harmonious and perhaps try and get reference for certain parts of the image, for example the building in the 392 cover and snakes and Orochimaru's snakes for the double-sided one
They look alright. The shading looks pretty good and the color choices look fine but i think on the double spread page you should have made it a bit more detailed.
Tobi looks awesome!
You used many different colours for it!
I really like it"!
Well done!
Your characters are pretty good but the BG in the hydra one could use a little work. There's little difference between the ones in back and front. Plus they all look like they are flat with the shading being most the same.

The Tobi one looks very good though. :)
looks cool, the tobi cover is cool, and the double spreed 2.
Good job~
Interesting colour choice for the snakes and Susano. I like the fact that the insides of the snake's mouth is green. But the colour of the speech bubble and the colour of the text make it a little hard to read.
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