390 pg 3 panel itachi anime version

Nice coloring, although I think the blood should be thicker. It should cover up the line on Itachi's face.
Blood looks like made in paint :D Itachi looks very good, nice shading, just in some places it's unreal. Nice colours too. Great job.
Very nice - I like the clean shading on his hair and the glassy look to his non-bleeding eye.
You did a great job in matching the quality and style of the anime for this panel. The eyes and hair look especially well done. Though the blood does seem a little too dark, perhaps some sheen could be added to it.
This coloring is better from your previous one. Good job!
Nice but a bit plain. Could also use more highlighting, mainly around the eye area. Itachi's MS looks a little dull.
Perhaps you could have added a little highlight to the blood, to make it look less flat.:)
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