Fanworks 388 Cover Sasuke with Brother

I agree :noworry

How many times have you colored this now?

It looks alright - simple shading and the cool sparkles make it a little better.
its a bit plain, everything seems like its on the same level, just need to work on the shadows

asking for rep:facepalm
I think the biggest thing you need is to add some texturing in order to give it depth, as it looks flat right now.
Yeah, the shading need definite improvement.
And..if anything, DON'T ASK FOR REP

It make you sound arrogant and repel people from actually repping repseal.
Just, don't. If you want rep, try and act humble X3
I think the little points of light are a little odd, but the basic colors are alright. And yeah, asking for reps is against the rules so I removed it from the title/your first post. I think it could use some more definition though, like for the sleeves of Itachi's shirt, it kind of blends into the rest of him, as well as some more shading for their faces.
Well i think [422]Kakashi is a lot better because i drew it only yesterday , while sasuke with brother is i don't even remember how old
Excellent. :wtf

Their hair looks slightly off to me, but everything else is just perfect. The background is gorgeous and I love their faces and the clothes. You did such a good job. :iria
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