[323] Shikamaru is losing it and...


The King has Come!
Do you think he's in a state of mind to come up with...well, anything? He's doing nothing but sitting there, so I thought he could be using the time to plan, but he looks like he's in the omgwtfdoidoomgwtfdoidoomgwtfdoidoomgwtfdoido etc. kind of situation when he can't think of anything. :cry
Before he can make a plan, he need to figure out exactly what he's up against and what their weakness is.
I think he'll come up with something when the situation looks grim enough.
Yeah that's what I thought, he's supporting Asuma, and I doubt he's concentrating on Kakuzu too, that's Kotetsu's and Izumo's job. Although they don't stand a chance.
Well the one panel has Shika with the "!" next to his head, so he's not exactly zoning out...he's aware Bad Things are happening...but he can't exactly do his kage mane and move around either...and keep in mind the many pages and panels of action we see probably span 'real time' of 25sec+/- (yes very rough estimation) but essentially...it's all happening very fast so not like he's chilling and wasting time not planning. We'll have to see if there's in fact enough time for them to devise something, but it looks like it's going to be an action packed clusterfark.
He may be good with strategy but teams are to uneven. Any of the two akatsuki here is enough to handle the situation, without the other 76 ninjas it won't be even funny.

Their only good idea will be to run away and hope they won't be chased.
They always stand a high chance of being killed. This is Akatsuki.

koike88 said:
that's Kotetsu's and Izumo's job. Although they don't stand a chance.

There chances weren't high anyway. Byt why would Izu and Kot be tasked with Kakuzu alone? They don't even know he's there.
Sound 4 owned Genma and Raidou - which actually makes it worse now that I think of it, since those two were Jounin while Kotetsu and Izumo are chuunin (I think).
I actually think that Izumo and Kotetsu were the ones that saved Shikamaru from Kakuzu's blow, somehow.. They were told to keep a look after Kakuzu anyway, and Shikamaru isnt in a good position to either dodge or block his powerful punches.
These two are being completely underestimated as two Konoha jounin (Which they most likely are by now).
I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do, and hope they just dont wind up as cannon fodder as so many suspect.
What seems to have happened is kakuzu crept up on shika. Shika sensed him abuot to pound his skull in and fled, sothe kage mane was broken. At this point the fooder guys probably ran for their lives.

Next Hidan tells Kakuzu to butt out. Shika and Asuma attack together but to no effect-infact Asuma gets hit in the face. Hidan draws the circle. Asuma tries katon "cloud of ash" which obscures Hidan. When the smoke clears he is Dr. Death.
having now read the raw, I have to wonder what shikamaru is going to do, his expressions are worried and scared throughout the chapter. He seems quite a long way out of his depth right now and when you are rushed and panicked you tend not to be able to think so clearly
a scythe being embedded into the side of your head by an immortal dude tends to do that to ya
meh, he will survive, which is what's important...or not.
Hiruko said:
Shikimaru can't win this fight IMO. Hidan isn't female :omg

Does it matter?

vs Temari = Lose
vs Tayuya = Lose (Was about to get killed when Temari showed up and saved him.)
vs Kin = Win

Thats 1/3 fights that he won.

vs Sound genin in the Forest of Death (Zaku,Dosu,Kin) = Lose
vs Random Sound Chuunin = Lose (Was then saved by Asuma.)

That's 1/5 fights that he won. His track record hasnt exactly been good so far.
Shikamaru just needs some time to calm down and think. Considering that he's in the midst two S-rank criminals and all. There's barely anyone who can be perfectly calm in that sort of situation.
shikamarut kage mane could be very helpfull here, b/c hidans movements need to be stopped so he cant inflict damage upon asuma. I'm sure sooner or later shika will figure something out that will defeat hidan and sacrifice asuma just like in that shogi game they played.
Well, the longer the fight, the bigger the chance that they'll lose.
Why? Shikamaru has a very low chackra-capacity, it was repeated many times in previous chapters.
Izumo and Kotetsu don't stand a chance against Kakuzu, but then again, Kakuzu isn't entering the fight yet... Eventually the one
who gets to kill Hidan will be Kakuzu anyway.:p
shikamura made kakuzu look like a rookie

an Akatsuki should be able to land a blow on a chuunin, especially one who's sitting down and looking the other way
Shikamaru will come up with something, he will figure out how to kill hidan.
Asuma will die like i and many others have belived :( .
ansoncarter said:
shikamura made kakuzu look like a rookie

an Akatsuki should be able to land a blow on a chuunin, especially one who's sitting down and looking the other way

dude if kakazu would've hit him there, shikamaru would be lying there stone dead...
do you really want him to die this early in the fight?
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