[322] Why not fuse Wind Chakra to Kagebunshin?


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I read quite a lot of threads about "Will Naruto learn Hiraishin?" and I thought of a nice new jutsu for Naruto.
He should develop a very very very speedy Kagebunshin. (even faster than the one he blocked Chiyo's punch back in the Resure Gaara arc) Wouldn't that be like Hiraishin?

Hiraishin is whe Yondaime reaches an enemy with Shinsui no Jutsu (Body Flicker) and marking the enemy or throwing kunais out to the enemy...and then teleports behind them and land a killing blow.

So far, up to this chapter, i only seen Naruto perform a Kagebunshin either next to the real Naruto, or near him...
If Naruto uses that same principle like throwing a kunai to an enemy from a distance to mark the target, and then performs a kagebunshin, and this bunshin just appears right behind the enemy with godlike speed to land a killing blow, isn't that the same principle as Hiraishin? Better yet, he can do multiple kagebushins to defeat a single group of enemies!

So yeah...fusing KB with wind element to create a speedy godspeed KB, I think, is a lot better than creating his "new justu" to his already powerful Rasengan (which can match a FUSED chakra element/manipulation jutsu - Chidori).

Just my 2cent =P
I would think a KB could be classified as a type of form manipulation (like rasengan). Though KB are easier for him to form, fusing the two seems really wicked hard anyway, not sure he could do it yet...and adding wind to a KB might just make it...light weight? I'm not sure...it's a living body..might just end up with air in the cells and give the clone aneurysms all over. On the upside, even if the clone died from the experiment he might gain some knowledge from its dissipation about how it is or isnt working. Or some just really gory final thoughts from it.
Hirashin took zero amount of time though so it wouldnt be nearly as fast. Just wanted to throw that out there.
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