[322] Izumo and Kotetsu have super speed


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when hidan is first shown, there's a mile of deserted territory on both sides of him

he doesn't move from that spot when shika catches him

Izo and kot(?) suddenly appear and stab him

there was nowhere for them to hide, so they must have covered like a mile of distance in like 2 seconds
Ambush - prolly combo of camoflauge and speed. These are* chuunin seen assisting the Godaime a lot in Konoha - she isn't going to have slouches working for her.

(They were such a cute cover too, I don't want em to die ><)

My bad - they're chuunin, not jounin. But still hand picked as Godaime's assistants and for this squad. I have no doubt they kick ass. Also, both are named for japanese battle-ships (Kotetsu's clan name means Full Metal, also, har!).

Seeing a theme here now...Izumo, Kotetsu, Yamato...buncha japanese war ships..symbolic heavy artillery so to speak?
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they are jounins after all. that is normal for them to be that fast. i mean, nothing extraordinary.
ansoncarter said:
plus they have genjutsu (from the chuunin exam door trick)

Extremely high chuunin level genjutsu that can be countered by genins
Dun know why, but for some reason, when the anime gets to this, something tells me that this scene will be in slow-motion.
SwimmingTrunks said:
Thye're jounins? I always thought they were chuunins :eek:
honestly, i dont have solid proof, but b4 timeskip they were chunins i guess, and after 2.5 years, they should have reached that level.
Yeah, that's how it goes. It seems that the distance someone needs to cross extends no further than whatever we can see in the panel at the time. And what we can't see, no one can see.
Well, there was at least a good thirty seconds of conflict between Asuma and Hidan. He probably just didn't notice them because Asuma was keeping him busy.
conceptz said:
They should've cut off Hidan's head. Let's see him not die from that.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he could survive that. If Kakuzu has really killed everyone he's ever partnered with before, you think he's never tried ringing Hidan's neck and ripping his head off?

Even better regen than Naruto seems to be Hidan's schtik.
Well, there was at least a good thirty seconds of conflict between Asuma and Hidan.

Nah, that little fight between Hidan and Asuma shouldn't have lasted longer than about five seconds. All Asuma did was throw three or four shurikens at Hidan, following which Hidan blocked them all and flung his scythe at Asuma in a single motion.

So yes, I guess that either they are pretty damn fast, or else they were using a disguise moments before attacking.
Super speed?

Yeah! Watch as they die in record time next chapter!

Izumo and Kotetsu are like 6 inches away from Hidan at the moment and they've just annoyed a man that can't be killed. It ain't gonna be pretty. :wink
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