[322] Hidan ain't immortal/indestructible/invulnerable


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Just a little nitpicking on the wording. You can't say that he's immortal because he might be able to die of old age. And he isn't indestructible/invulnerable because he was clearly stabbed by two big ass swords.
Frankly, there is no word for it. 'Unkillable' is the one that's closest to it.
Indestructible could work. Exact definition is "incapable of being destroyed, ruined, or rendered ineffective".

Invulnerable technically doesn't, it means "1 : incapable of being wounded, injured, or harmed
2 : immune to or proof against attack :"

He might be immortal, there's no evidence either way, although it is unlikely.

Edit: Of course, truly he is none of these things since he has to die for plot purposes.
CrystalCypher said:
The word is called "Kenpaichi"

You could've at least spelled it right.

Anyways as for the immortal thing, we dont know if he dies of old age or not. I mean he MIGHT, but since we dont know...you cant rule out immortality yet
He will die. It's bound to happen. All Akatsuki members are going to die. He's just a little hard to deal with when it comes to physicall attacks. As Couer has said in a thread, genjutsu just might be his weakness. It could also mean that because Kakuzu isn't good at genjutsu, he's unable to kill him. Or it might just be from Kakuzu's point of view that he can't be killed.

Im sure a Shiki Fuujin up his ass would do it.
Remember the movie "Highlander"? They were inmortals in a sense that they didn't age and couldn't be killed, except if they had their head cut.

Maybe Hidan is about the same, he's inmortal but there must be a way to take him down, what way? who knows...
hidan is an AKATSUKI MEMBER!! and akatsuki members don't get killed by oversized-sex-toys-wielding-background-characters!
Hidan is as good as dead, so typical to have all this hype (remember the Sasori match) being said to have some special inability to be defeated only for some surprise twist (and we all go wtf!! plot no jutsu!).

Hidan definately can't be considered indestructible/immortal unless he has some sick bloodline or jutsu, and Orochimaru is completely retarded.... We had Orochimaru, then Sasori, now Hidan has some type of technique to cheat death (prevent it), this will be rather interesting how this all plays out...
has anyone ever thought that we are all overestimating kakuzu's words? And that all possibly he meant was that HE can't kill him. I know that would be gay because it would mean that Hidan = meat right now but it is possible. I hope its not true but still.
Hidan's secret is that he was born with a twin brother in a specific obscure form, somewhere hidden in his face, who feeds on the wounds suffered by Hidan in a battle, renewing him, thereby shielding him from certain death.

Hmm...now where have I seen that before? :wink :p
He can always die, if anything, plot no jutsu will rear its ugly head and do the trick. It would be cool if the body that we see isnt his real body, and thats why he can keep dying. But hes somewhere far away feeding it chakra, or maybe his actual soul is hidden somewhere else, that would be cool
Hidan will have to die for the plot to advance, anything else wouldn't really make sense. Then again, this IS Naruto... sometimes you really don't know what to expect.

you seem to forgot about his suppose evil religion, his victory over the two tails with a strange ritual marking on the ground and the death of the Jinchuuriki women with a spike impaling both her hands...
Is his belief make him immortal? maybe his religion stuck up his ass so deep that he thinks his god will never make him die.
I think that if it's the case naruto will have to shatter his belief and than he will be mortal again, we all know naruto is effecting almost every character he fights with.
Just my two cents
btw, kabuza keeps saying:'if u let yr guard down, u r dead.'

y keep saying if he's immortal? perhaps there's some weird way to kill him off.. hmm..
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