2nd Strike Seems Likely!!!


Sorry guys, bad news. It seems that there may be another strike during the middle of summer!

Let me just set this up for you guys so you know how I got my info. I'm currently a film major in school and am looking for a summer internship with one of the major production companies out in L.A. (I have a good one lined up, but I won't give away which one till I'm certain I've got it.) Anyway, I have a family member with some good connections and she's been campaigning on my behalf. In the process though she found out through a friend of hers that there was going to likely be another strike.

Apparently the studio heads are slow to coming to the table for the S.A.G. folks and it is becoming more and more unlikely that all demands will be met by a June deadline. Now I?ve gotten conflicting reports as to what the actual deadline is. My family member said that all production will likely halt the 15th of June, while articles I?ve found said the deadline is the 30th. Again I?m not exactly sure what?s going on here, no one is really suppose to be talking about these sort of things in advance.

Anyway, just giving you guys a head's up. It's a possiblity you might have to go through another year of 1/2 seasons :cry

I'll be back in the morning if you guys have any questions.
Wow, either you guys are taking it really well or you don't believe me. Anyway here's the article, I forgot to post it before

Yeah they've been talking about this since the Writers strike was just a possibility...

The way I see it they've got two things going for them: The studios see how much money they and Hollywood lost during the last strike, and the public will rally behind their favorite stars a lot quicker than they rallied behind the writers. I mean how can you loose with Tom Hanks and George Clooney fighting for your cause? I guess a third thing would be the studios are already behind in the number of movies they want to produce, but they'll get a chance to catch up during these next couple of months.

However they have two major things against them. The first is there's not urgency during the summer. The TV nets already scrapped most of pilot season, and there's no Oscars to take hostage. (The Emmy's could work here but on a much smaller scale.) The second is the industry is tired of a strike, actors including. They'd get a lot less support, even from within if they pressed the matter to strike.

I think (and hope) this will end in negotiations. If not I doubt the strike would last as long as this past one.

But thanks for the info it's nice to hear what people on the inside are saying about it.
Can't f***in believe this. They should have ended the writer's strike way earlier, now the actor's are screwing around. :/
Uhm I think everyone who is in the news knew this even before the writers strike began. Whether or not anything happens before the JUNE 30 deadline is up to both sides. I wouldn't be so much mind a strike anymore as the writers strike has made me look to other means of having fun. Sucks for all those who are in this business though.
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