2nd Hokage sama and Uchiha Mandara


Itachi explained that Mandara was still alive and that he, with the 1st hokage created konoha. We know that the 2nd hokage is Mandara and we know that he is alive.... so how did oro invoke the 1st and 2nd hokage to fight the old hokage? you can only do that if a person is dead.

the appearence of mandara is a major glich and i was expecting kishi to prevent this kind of this. but well, i guess its kinda cool having mandara still around. one more to bit thee dust sooner or later.
Madara and The first hokage were the founders of the village!
But madara wasn't the second hokage!
The second was the firsts brother!
lol @ n00b.

madara is made of too much win to take the fail position of Hokage.

:laugh Then why did he fight for it, getting his arse kicked badly in the process?

The guy hid for 100 years to make sure Shodai was dead before showing himself again.

The second hokage is the first hokages brother.

Madara killed his own brother to gain eternal MS

So the first and Madara just happened to both have brothers, but it doesn't make them brothers. The first and Madara are from completely different clans! If they were brothers, the first would also have a sharingan. So many things wouldn't make sence if they were brothers and the reason for this is that they aren't. Madara is not the second Hokage. If you are that confused to make such a big mistake I think you should reread the manga as clearly you aren't understanding it. It's a pretty big mistake, confusing one of the main heros, the second hokage who possess the will of fire and all that Hokage goodness with the main villain who is a murder and wants to destroy Konoha.
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