100MG and 10 minute rules on YouTube

Mek Blaze

How do some people get around the 100 mg and 10 minute rule on youtube. I was trying to post a full episode and a screen comes up saying it can't go over 100 mg. I've seen full episodes of Naruto and Bleach without a directors account, how do you get by the rule?
They probably uploaded when they had a director's account, and then got rid of the account. Only way to upload over 100MB is with a directors account.
Haven't seen a whole episode of any anime on youtube yet, but the only way without the director's account is dividing it in parts I guess.
Wait, you mean a whole episode was uploaded, or was it split into parts?

Maybe they uploaded it after the rules was put into effect, because I know that the 10 minute rule wasn't around a while ago. Probably the same for the 100 mg rule.
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