100%Kisame Suigetsu and 2nd Hokage vs. Sasuke & Kimmimaru and Orochimaru


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No Edo Tensei,Sasuke can use Kirin but it takes a significant amount of time to prepare:winkKimmimaru had train for 3years as well as Sasuke and gained 50%speed,50%bone strenght,50%strenght.Sasuke is without Oro powers of healing!

Battle Location:the Bridge that was in tha Land of Waves where they fought Gatou;]
Man i thought that he was atleast a little stronger than Zabuza:/But Kisame and the 2nd Hokage in a team=pure rape
Man i thought that he was atleast a little stronger than Zabuza:/But Kisame and the 2nd Hokage in a team=pure rape

We haven't seen the "real" 2nd Hokage or 100% Kisame. Still, my bet is that Orochimaru is stronger than both of them and Sasuke is around their levels. Healthy 3 years of training Kimmimaro is most likely also a beast and can compare to either of them. Basically, I think Oro's team wins. This thread is stupid though, as we don't know Suigetsu's capabilities, non Edo Tensai Nidaime, and 100% Kisame.
I think Team Oro would win. Healthy Kimi after 3 years of training would be a beast.
Sasuke is a bad matchup for Kisame,he uses fire element to much,plus he wont get a time to prepare Kirin.And why do you think that Itachi dies before Kisame in the manga when the strongest vilians dies last:nuts I mean 100%Kisame has enough chakra to solo them.Orochimaru is a weakling as stated numerus times,the only problem will be Kimmi with upgrade :amuse The battleground is not suitable for team SasuOroKimmi,its surrounded by water from all sides,Kisame could make a small sea only by using 30% and no water around+Semadha=GG;]We only saw the 2nd fight Sandaime, but still he was very impressive with his water control:nod
Kisame and the Second Hokage are, in my opinion, on similar levels to Sasuke and Orochimaru. Kimimaro and Suigetsu are also on similar levels, and I'm choosing to ignore the improvements you gave Kimimaro as I find those sorts of improvements a bit silly. It's a good fight, then (without improving Kimimaro). It goes to Team Orochimaru because while Kisame and the Second are likely not inferior to Orochimaru and Sasuke, they do not have anything like kuchiyose: Manda, yamata no Orochi or kirin. The lack of demonstrated super jutsu means that Orochimaru and Sasuke can take this.
Yeah, what Roxxas said. We can just about give them a fight, but they lose because they haven't shown enough.
Orochimaru was beat countless times by fast anyone in Narutoverse accept maybe.... Konohamaru xD Kirin is a shit move,it takes a very long time to prepare witch Sasuke would not get and it didnt do shit to Itachi.Manda and the other Summons cant fight a cunami when it commes at them,they will be majorly stomped ^^ Team SasuOroKimmi doesent have enough fire power to deal with someone of Kisame s kaliber at full power..
Kirin did not seem to take all that long to prepare, and Sasuke could freely fight while it was preparing. It's more dangerous than you're giving it credit for. It would do less damage without amaterasu synergising with it, but still enough to kill most targets (including all of these).

You're also seriously underestimating Orochimaru if you think that anyone on the other team surpasses him. Kisame is quite close to being equal, but Orochimaru is still the most powerful shinobi on either side. He's fast enough to land an attack on yonbi Naruto before he can try to dodge (using the Kusanagi from underground), and he's the most resilient shinobi on this team.

Manda survived a massively powerful katon jutsu with more area of effect than Kisame's best suiton jutsu, and turned it into an advantage for him. And while Orochimaru and Sasuke may not have the same firepower as Kisame individually, you have to understand just how deadly their focused power is. Chidori lance and Kusanagi both kill Kisame if they hit, and both are fast enough to have a good chance of doing that.
Yeah i gues your write ,cause we havent seen that much of Suigetsu and the 2nd but still i have a feeling that Suigetsu maybe cuite powerfull when he knows how strong Kisame is and still wants to fight him :/
Suigetsu seems to be compared to Kimimaro, who for me is not on the same level as the legendary jōnin (including Sasuke, Kimimaro and Orochimaru). Kimimaro, if a legendary jōnin taijutsu specialist, should have defeated Lee in one hit. That assumption comes from seeing high-level shinobi of that level handle low jōnin in one hit (Asuma against Sound shinobi, for instance. I cannot believe that Kimimaro was close to the highest levels, and see him as mid-jōnin.

I don't think Suigetsu is likely to be much more powerful than Kimimaro, though high jōnin is possible and a trick or two may allow him to have a decent fight with a legendary, at least for a while. But his desire to fight Kisame doesn't mean he's necessarily on that level. Look at what happened when he pissed Sasuke off: Sasuke moved so fast that he was between Suigetsu and his target (Jūgo) faster than he could react, in which time he caught both of them with sen'eijashu and paralysed them with genjutsu.

Puts a rather cruel limit on Suigetsu's maximum level.
I just realised it's the second Hokage, in that case, team oro probably wins, but it'd be a very close fight.
Despite the fact that I so badly just want to say "Kisame Solos", team oro would win this. They just have so much stuff that they can throw at the other team whilst the other team have...suitons and swords, whilst catchy it's not enough to defeat team Oro.
I agree with the people say that we have yet seen 100% of the water team, But of what I've seen so far Orochimaru can solo.
Kisame could solo. LOL Sasuke has genjustu, fire, lightening, and visible chakra.

Chidori= visible Chakra (not lightening) Kisaem's sword would just get rid of it.
Fire Ball JUstu= Fire Water>fire
Kirin=Lightening But you need cloudds for it and clouds are water vaor which Kisame could easily do something about.
Genjustu- This might work but Kisame probably knows how to avoid Sharingan Genjustu since he's with Itachi.

Kimimaru Taijustu
It might be an entertaining fight to watch but in the end KIsame would when cause he'd never get tired.

He has a sh!t load of justu so they might have a good battle but he got pwned 1 too many times.

If they were all fighting together against Kisame, I'd give them a 10-8 wiht Kisame being the 10. Buut that's besides the point when he has two other guys in his possy.
Yeah and not only that but he got the 2nd Hokage and Suigetsu by his side who are also water users,togheter they could create an ocean in an instand and end it all.What in the world can stop a coming cunami?Kisame s sharks rape ,semadha eats the oponents chakra,no chidori and other ninjutsu moves accept for summons gen-jutsu,tai-jutsu maybe.Kisame can create a large amount of bushins and those water prisons are pretty nasty to =GG
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