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  1. Crofty

    Adult Sakura vs The Akatsuki

    Can Adult Sakura clear? If not where does she stop and why? 1. Zetsu 2. Hidan 3. Kakuzu 4. Konan 5. Deidara 6. Sasori 7. Kisame 8. Orochimaru 9. Itachi 10. 6PoP 11. Nagato 12. MS Obito 13. Rinnegan Obito Sakura is healed after each fight Knowledge: Manga (For Sasori they both have knowledge...
  2. Impulse785

    Tsunade and Sakura vs Delta

    Version: War arc Tsunade and Adult Sakura vs Delta Location: Mads vs Gokage Starting distance: 30 meters To kill Knowledge: Manga
  3. Impulse785

    Mei and Sakura vs Konan and Tsunade

    Version: Mizukage Mei and Adult Sakura vs Akatsuki Konan and War arc Tsunade Location: Madara vs allied shinobi forces Knowledge: Manga Prep: None Restriction: No prep means no paper ocean
  4. ShinboiDood

    How strong is Sakura?

    How Strong is WA Sakura and Adult Sakura?
  5. F

    Hinata's "death"

    Something I will never understand about the Pain Assault Arc is why didn't Nagato actually kill Hinata? The narrative made it pretty clear he murdered her and he even said "my parents died like this in front of me" and Naruto totally thought she died for real. But a few chapters later we see...
  6. MustardPN

    What feats does WA Sakura have that put her above Tsunade?

    Not including the Kaguya fight since that's obvious
  7. Azula

    If Konoha were a High School...

    If Konoha were a High School, Sannin would the be the top of the heirarchy, top of the honor list, top athletes and the most popular group. While Masters would be the weirdo duo that sits alone, gets bullied and gets their lunch money stolen by the Akatsuki delinquents. :gglife Sasuke...
  8. Bob74h

    Konoha Girls Battle Royale (Naruto)

    Setting/Location: Chunnin Exams Stadium Victory Conditions: Death of the opposing characters Motivation: In character Circumstance: They fight over sasuke and who can get with him also hinata and tenten like sasuke in this hypothetical Equipment: All known equipment Preparation: Tenten and...
  9. MustardPN

    WA Sakura vs WA Tsunade

    VS Location: Sannin Deadlock Distance: 20m Knowledge: Manga Mindset: Serious, Fighting to Kill Restrictions: Katsuyu
  10. ObitoOfTheOrangeMask

    WA Sakura vs SM Jiraiya

    vs Jiraya starts in SM . Sakura starts in base . Area : Flattened Konoha . Mindset : Bloodlusted . Knowledge : Manga . Round 2 : Sakura starts with Byakugo , Jiraiya starts in SM . Both fighters start with their summons on the battlefield . Knowledge : Full for both parties ...
  11. Bunny

    I think sakura is actually underrated

    Helloo hellooo! Been awhile since I've been here :umarudance My person decided to rewatch the whole of naruto while I'm bored out of my head at home, and while I'm doing this I realized I see characters from a whole new POV I didn't before; call it getting older (maybe :kannahuh); I realized I...
  12. HollowArrow123

    Do You Think Sakura Can Possibly Cure Cancer And Other Illnesses?

    Do You Think Sakura Can Possibly Cure Cancer And Other Illnesses?
  13. Bob74h

    War arc darui (naruto) vs kazekage retrieval arc sakura (naruto)

    Setting/Location: The cave where sakura fought sasori in Victory Conditions: Death of the opponent Motivation: In character Circumstance: Sakura tries to kill darui as he harmed sauce ke kun Equipment: Standard Equipment Knowledge: N/A Continuity/Canon: Anime versions Period/Saga/Era...
  14. MustardPN

    WA Sakura vs Kakuzu

    Location: Kakuzu vs Kakashi Distance: 20 meters Knowledge: Manga Mindset: Serious, Killing Intent Restrictions: None
  15. MaruUchiha

    Borushiki vs Adult Sakura?

    Anyone wanna concede on how strong Borushiki is before it's too late? vs Location: Shinju Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Sakura fainting
  16. MaruUchiha

    6th gate Lee vs War Sakura?

    Who was stronger? RSM Lee or Kaguya slayer? vs Location: Shinju Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Lee's crush on Sakura
  17. nitebaron

    Naruto Retsuden English Translation

    EDIT: Chapter 3 part 3 here, Chapter 3 part 4 here and Chaper 4 part 1 here. -------------------------------------------------- Finally I've had time to embark on this... Someone has translated it up to chapter 3 part 1 (all of her work can be found in her tumblr here.) I've picked up exactly...
  18. Reviewing Logic

    Kashin Koji vs PRIME Sakura

    Jiraiya Jr. vs Tsunade Clone. Who takes it? Both don't know about the other. Location: Forrest. 4-5 Meters away from each other. Sakura is at her Prime if some assume that is Adult Sakura or WA Sakura either or is fine.
  19. MaruUchiha

    BoS Sakura vs No Sharingan Gaiden Kakashi?

    Is BoS Sakura Jonin level? vs Location: Bell Test Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  20. MaruUchiha

    BoS Sakura vs Part 1 Neji?

    Was BoS Sakura Jonin level? vs Btw if anyone wanna get packed out on Storm 4 (X Box One) just say the word Location: Chunin Exams Finals Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  21. MakotoFujimoto

    Sarada's Byakugou Sharingan

    I believe that Sarada can make her Hundred Seal and Mangekyou interact in the same fashion that Obito Mangekyou and his Hashirama cells interacted, after all, the Hundred Seal was based off of Hashirama large chakra pool and regenerative abilities. Like Obito's Hashirama cells, Sarada would...
  22. MakotoFujimoto

    Neji's Chakra Control vs Kabuto's

    In his fight against Kidomaru, Neji created a chakra scalpel without using hand seals, while Kabuto required five hand seals to create his chakra scalpels. It's interesting because Kabuto was portrayed as a prodigy at the start of the series, in addition, Orochimaru praised Kabuto's Medical Nin...
  23. MaruUchiha

    War Sakura vs War Tsunade?

    Did War Sakura already surpass Tsunade? vs Location: Shikkotsu Forest Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  24. MaruUchiha

    Adult Rock Lee vs Adult Sakura?

    Katsuyu > 8th gate Lee? vs Location: 7th gate Gai vs Juubi Madara Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  25. MaruUchiha

    Kid 5th gate Rock Lee vs BoS Sakura?

    What tier are these 2 in? vs Location: 5th gate Lee vs Gaara Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  26. Femme

    White Queen Sakura

    An AU Sakura who is heartless and and is master manipulator. Sasuke is the black king, her enemy. Sarada also exist. Naruto is dead though, Sasuke killed him in the fight.
  27. Femme

    How versatile is chakra enhanced strength

    Sakura strength in her entire body. Her lungs are also strengthened. How effective would a cherry blossom blow be.
  28. Mad Scientist

    BoS Kakashi vs Chiyo and BoS Sakura

    Tags: Kakashi, Sasori, Chiyo, Sakura, BoS, Mad Scientist Place Beginning of Shippuden (BoS) Kakashi in Sasori's position. Manga knowledge, 10-15 metres distance, No restrictions, Underground cave. Duo in character. R1: Kakashi in character
  29. Kyu

    Stat Comparison: Team 7

    Taijutsu: Skill - Lifting Strength - Striking Strength - Speed - Reactions - Durability - Resiliency - Ninjutsu; Destructive Capacity - Defensive - Support/Supplementary - Casting Speed - Range/Scale - Adaptability - Diversity - Genjutsu: Offense - Defense - Chakra: Chakra...
  30. Suigetsu

    Boruto & Salada where designed with Different Mothers in mind.

    Bort and Salad where designed with different mothers in mind, now I've got a good evidence to have this suspicion. First lets start with Bort. If you look at his hair it has the shape of a cherry, Which is pretty evident with his ahoge and subsequent hair look. It's funny, because his...
  31. saboltgene

    How Would You Feel If Sakura Died?

    To be honestt, I would feel a little sad even though I don't like her that much. I adore her moments with sarada, they hit straight to my heart.
  32. MaruUchiha

    Adult Sakura vs Adult Hinata?

    Uchiha vs Hyuga.. Which clan's first lady is stronger? vs Location: New Final Valley Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Summoning Jutsu: Katsuyu
  33. Mori Jin

    Minato vs Sakura

    Who would win Minato vs Sakura (any version)? Canon material (no filler novel) No restrictions Location: Pain arc konoha (destroyed)
  34. Ghost Of The Uchiha

    Team 7 vs Gokage

    Made my first thread, this is an idea that was inspired by a question i asked @WorldsStrongest on his Q/A thread. MS Sasuke SM Naruto and WA Sakura against the Gokage Location: Gokage vs Madz Distance: 50m Conditions: Naruto starts with Toad Army he had against Pain, Sasuke starts with...
  35. Sweetcor

    "Sakura is the strongest Kunoichi"

    Someone calls Sakura useless, then a few people come along and say something like "Sakura surpassed Tsunade in the war arc. She's the strongest Kunoichi in the series" and say nothing else. question mark¿ IIRC the only thing she did in the War arc besides healing, was use Tsunades healing(...)...
  36. MaruUchiha

    Adult Sakura vs Naruto & Sasuke?

    Who would win in a 1 on 1 deathmatch? Adult Sakura or end of Part 1 Naruto/Sasuke? vs Scenario 1 : Adult Sakura fights Naruto 1 on 1 (Naruto starts off base form then turns 9 Tail Fox, then turns 1 Tail) Scenario 2: Adult Sakura fights Sasuke 1 on 1 (Sasuke starts off 3 tomoe Sharingan...
  37. saboltgene

    Why didn't Sakura use Yin Seal On Sarada To Heal Her Eyes?

    I mean this could've saved Sarada's eyesight or did sakura forget about this? She was able to use the seal on obito so i'm sure that she can use it on somebody else plus technology has advanced so I'm sure that laser eye surgery exists now in the boruto verse or maybe the writers did this on...
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