1. MaruUchiha

    Sage Mode Jiraiya and FKS Kakashi vs Orochimaru and Danzo?

    vs Location: Konoha (Destroyed) Knowledge: Manga Stips: Kakashi starts with Sharingan activated, Danzo starts with arm unsealed Restrictions: Koto and Edo Tensei to make it fair
  2. Azula

    Naruto Orochimaru Edo Tensei on Hokages is useless?

    Since the Hokages know the signs to release Edo Tensei contract they would just release the contract when summoned. So Orochimaru can't use Edo Tensei to make Hokages fight for himself. Thoughts. :hmm
  3. Azula

    Naruto How fast is Orochimaru when in partial snake form?

    In this form where Orochimaru's lower body is that of a snake, he seems very fast. He blitzed Sasori and KN4: Seems like turning your body partially into an animal gives you characteristics of that animal and gives you advantages that other shinobi don't have. Other examples are Jiraiya...
  4. Grievous2003

    What if Sakura's Father was the Hokage?

    The Naruto movie Road to Ninja provided an interesting what if scenario where Sakura's father Kizashi was the Fourth Hokage instead of Minato. What do you think it would be like if, after Minato's death, instead of Hiruzen coming out of retirement Kizashi was made the Fifth Hokage? For this...
  5. C

    Naruto Kakuzu vs Orochimaru and Kabuto

    Conditions: Orochimaru in his version that wanted to be healed by Tsunade. Kabuto (P1). Kakuzu starts in his Base state. Kabuto takes a soldier pill. Knowledge: None for both sides. Distance: 50 meters Location: Sannin deadlock.
  6. Azula

    Naruto Is there an agenda behind claiming "Orochimaru is the strongest Sannin"?

    The Sannin have been introduced as a group of exceptional shinobis. "Only a Sannin can defeat a Sannin" and "Sannin deadlock" concepts make it clear than they are on their own level and each of them can challenge the other. Yet despite the manga making this clear, its very common to hear...
  7. Azula

    Naruto Tobirama vs Sannin

    VS To avoid Tobirama getting curbfodderstomped within 30 seconds, Sannin will have restrictions. No SM, Byakugo or Yamata forms, No Boss summons, smaller summons are allowed. Tobirama gets one Edo Tensei. Who wins? :hm
  8. Azula

    Naruto Orochimaru is responsible for Sasuke's improvements in Genjutsu, Kenjutsu and Kirin

    Orochimaru taught Sasuke in all these 3 kinds of abilities. -Oro has 5 in genjutsu and was about to break Itachi's genjutsu. Oro's training is why Sasuke improves so much in genjutsu. -Oro fights with kusanagi and is well experienced in fighting with it. He taught Sasuke swordsmanship...
  9. Azula

    Naruto Totsuka's original form.

    In the latest illustration drawn by Kishi, Itachi, Sasuke, Shisui and Kakashi are all drawn holding very specific weapons, their Susano weapons. Sasuke is holding a bow and arrow, Shisui has a drill, Kakashi has Kamui shurikens and finally Itachi has a sword. It's not just any sword, its the...
  10. MaruUchiha

    Boruto Orochimaru vs Itachi?

    vs Location: 3 tomoe Itachi vs Orochimaru or blind zombie Itachi vs 8 Branches Orochimaru Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei
  11. Azula

    Undergound Snake attack (Boruto Ch. 79)

    Spoilers for latest Boruto chapter. So I have been saying this for a while. Orochimaru can use his snake summons to attack from underground: And now we finally see a clear example of it: Discuss. :catsleep
  12. Azula

    Naruto BoS/Hebi Sasuke in a nutshell

    Sasuke describing himself: That is all. Thank you and have a nice day. :catsleep
  13. MaruUchiha

    3 tomoe itachi vs 8 Branches Orochimaru?

    Can Orochimaru finally win a NBD match against Itachi?? vs Location: Orochimaru vs 3 tomoe Itachi Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: MS, Edo Tensei
  14. Yagami Uchiha

    Naruto Minato vs Orochimaru

    Orochimaru attempts to destroy Konoha, but Minato is there to stop him instead of Hiruzen. Orochimaru has part 1 and part 2 feats. Minato is alive. Location: Konoha Intel: They both know who their opponents is. Minato knows that Orochimaru has access to forbidden techniques, and Orochimaru...
  15. Azula

    Naruto Itachi vs Oro is the same as Kabuto vs Oro.

    Orochimaru is very confident in his immortality and he likes to view/test the abilities of those he is interested in. Here we see Orochimaru not bothering to do anything to Kabuto and allowing Kabuto to hit and damage his body. Its the same with Itachi, he was interested in taking over...
  16. Azula

    Naruto Hiruzen and Tobirama's chakra equal?

    Hiruzen tries to head to the battlefield and gets restrained by Orochimaru. Tobirama tries to head to the battlefield and gets restrained by Orochimaru. Seems like Hiruzen and Tobirama are about equals when it comes to Chakra. Thoughts. :hm
  17. Azula

    Naruto Rashomon questions.

    1. Can Orochimaru summon Goju Rashomon simply by putting more chakra like Tsunade summons bigger Katsuyu by more chakra? 2. Goju Rashomon deflected PS sword + bijuudama, can Sanju Rashomon deflect PS sword alone? 3. Can Sanju Rashomon deflect Susano arrow? 4. Are Hashirama's gates bigger...
  18. Crofty

    Danzo vs Orochimaru

    Location: Leaf Village Distance: 50m Intent: To Kill Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Koto, Edo Tensei Round 2: Orochimaru gets access to Part 1 Edo Senju Bros, Danzo gets sealing tags.
  19. Azula

    Naruto Susano-Yamata Legend says Orochimaru's kusanagi > Susano (chakra) sword.

    Naruto manga contains many characters and events inspired by Japanese/Chinese legends. For example- 1) Kyuubi-Kitsune 2) Hiruzen-Son Goku 3) Seven swordsmen of the mist-Shichinin misaki 4) Izanagi-Izanami 5) Sannin Yamata-no-Orochi vs Susano is one such legend that has been adopted into Naruto...
  20. Azula

    Naruto fuuton > enton?

    So we know that FKS Sasuke has the ability to create an enton shield around himself: We know that wind enhances and increases fire. In case of enton shield Sasuke is essentially surrounding himself with fire that can turn into a fire tornado and go out of his control if he gets hit with...
  21. Azula

    Naruto Who can survive Sannin combo attack?

    1. Katon and Fuuton combo is very strong by itself and produces lots of heat. 2. Rashomon will restrict the heat to a tiny area and maximize the heat. 3. Tsunade's hit will break through any defense already weakened by the heat. Sannin combo vs: 1. Gaara 2. A3 3. MS Sasuke 4. Madara clone V3...
  22. Azula

    Naruto Tsunade beats Orochimaru with Edos

    Tsunade and Katsuyu beat Orochimaru and snake summons. Slug > Snake is pretty well established. Tsunade also beats Edo Tensei: Using this she can disable the Edo Tensei. If they can't move their hands and legs properly they won't be able to use taijutsu or make seals fo...
  23. Azula

    Naruto Are these two blunders in battle the same (Itachi/Orochimaru)?

    Itachi: Itachi underestimates Sasuke and as a result gets hit by a shuriken: Orochimaru: Orochimaru underestimates Itachi and gets hit by genjutsu: So both Itachi and Orochimaru blundered, due to overconfidence and put themselves in position that harmed them. 1) Are these two...
  24. Monarch

    Danzo vs Orochimaru

    Conditions: - Danzo starts with his arm unsealed. - Orochimaru has access to Hydra and P1 Edos. - Mindset is bloodlusted. - Knowledge is full for both parties. - Kotoamatsukami and P2 Edos are restricted. Who wins?
  25. The Wolf

    The Horns of the Otsutsuki

    Ever since I saw Boruto regain control of himself by breaking Momishiki's horn that was growing on is head, I have had this thought and their are many examples of this throughout the manga. Just as Nagato controlled the pein bodies with those "body ornaments" so too does the Otsutsuki god...
  26. thecowmilk

    Orochimaru vs Healthy Itachi

    Lets take the time back and it's the time that Orochimaru wanted to steal Itachi body but this time he got hands. Who would win? Tsukuyomi, Izanagi and other high level genjustsus are prohibited on the match startup. GO!!
  27. Azula

    Naruto Underrated Jutsu: Contract Seal (Keiyaku Fūin)

    A jutsu that destroys/seals the contract between a summoner and summon. It even lifted the genjutsu that Kurama was under. Edo Tensei creates a contract between user and summon. So Contract seal can completely counter Edo Tensei- Kabuto's Orochimaru's and Tobirama's (weakest ET user btw)...
  28. Azula

    Naruto Kusanagi>Mokuton?

    Enma>Shinju Kusanagi>=Enma Kusanagi>Mokuton?
  29. Monarch

    Byakugo Tsunade vs Orochimaru w/P1 ET

    vs Knowledge is full for both parties. Mindset is bloodlusted. Who wins?
  30. Azula

    Naruto What are the chances Orochimaru defeats Itachi with this?

    Orochimaru fights older Mitsuki: Older Mitsuki is able to stop the big snake with its tough armor however he gets defeated by the smaller snake: We know that Susano is vulnerable from below the ground and attacks can slip through: Once the snake poison has entered Itachi's body he won't...
  31. Monarch

    SM Jiraiya vs Hydra Orochimaru w/ P1 Edo

    Conditions: - Jiraiya starts in SM. - Orochimaru starts in Hydra and has his Edo zombies ready. - Mindset is IC. - Knowledge his full for both parties. Who wins? @Aegon Targaryen @Orochimaru op @dabi @Shazam @JuicyyyGstring @Mug Shot @dabi @Impulse @Asura barracuda @WorldsStrongest @Onda...
  32. Azula

    Naruto How difficult or easy is it for Kakashi to land a hit on Orochimaru?

    VS Points to consider: 1) Kakashi has been praised for his speed many times. 2) Orochimaru has modified his body to such an extent he is practically a snake. 3) Sasuke prefered to have a summon against the Juubi army as he wanted something to slip and evade, he himself was unable to do so...
  33. Djyc21215

    Naruto EMS Sasuke and Revived Orochimaru vs Sage Jiraya and Tsunade

    The scenerio: Time has been altered in this timeline, and instead of reviving orochimaru to speak with the Hokage, he instead revives orochimaru for the sake of Crushing the Leaf. Jiraya as well also ran in this timeline instead of dying to Pain, and through cooperation with the knowledge he...
  34. Monarch

    Naruto EMS Sasuke vs Sannin

    In the last thread, the Sannin didn't fare all that well against KCM 1 Naruto. Let's see how they do against his rival. vs Conditions: - This is Kabuto fight EMS Sasuke. - Jiraiya starts in Sage Mode. - Tsunade starts in Byakugo. - Orochimaru has access to Hydra and P1 Edos. - Sannin...
  35. scanman123

    Naruto Part 1 Orochimaru vs. Taka Sasuke

    Both start 30 meters apart, in character mindset. This is P1 Oro from his fight with Hiruzen and Pre Five Kage Summit Taka Sasuke. Battlefield: The place Naruto blew up while fighting Orochimaru Knowledge: Round 1 no knowledge, Round 2 and 3 full knowledge. Round 1: Normal P1 Orochimaru vs...
  36. Djyc21215

    Naruto Tsunade replaces Hiruzen, and Fights Orochimaru Edo Hashirama and Edo Tobirama. What happens?

    The Scenerio: The battle opens up the exact same way it did with Oro vs Hiruzen. They banter, have a small "Warm up Fight", then after some more banter they get serious. Orochimaru Immediately uses the Edo Tensei to summon both Hokage's, and at some point during the fight Hashirama (Or Tobirama)...
  37. Onda Vital

    Naruto Orochimaru vs 3 paths of Pain

    Let's say Oro replaces Jiraiya against Pain. He first fights animal path for a while and then other 2 paths get summoned. This is P2 healthy Oro Knowledge: Oro has same knowledge Jiraiya did. Pain knows Oro is a sannin Location: Rain village Restriction: Edo tensei, other paths
  38. Stonez

    Naruto Orochimaru vs Tsunade Healing

    Who is better at healing and regeneration in your opinion and why ?
  39. Crofty

    Naruto Weakest person who can solo the Sannin?

    Who would you say is the weakest character that can solo the Sannin Byakugou WA Tsunade WA Orochimaru (No P2 Edo) SM Jiraiya Location: Madara vs Gokage Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Part 2 Edo Tensei Intent: To Kill Distance: 50M
  40. Monarch

    Naruto Sannin vs Nagato

    vs Sannin are in their prime and have access to : Byakugo Sage Mode Hydra P1 ET zombies Tsunade and Jiraiya start in Byakugo and Sage Mode . Nagato starts with his summonings spawned . Knowledge : Full for both parties . Mindset : Bloodlusted . Location : Konoha . @Halcyonite...
  41. Impulse

    Naruto EMS Sasuke vs Sannin

    Distance: 50 Meters Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tenesi Two Rounds EMS Sasuke (Kabuto fight) vs Sannin EMS Sasuke (Juubito fight) vs Sannin
  42. Crofty

    Orochimaru vs A3

    Location: Leaf Village Distance: 60m Intent: To Kill Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei Round 2: Orochimaru gets Part 1 Edos, A3 gets sealing tags
  43. Crofty

    KN4 Fight Orochimaru vs Deidara

    Location: Sasuke vs Deidara Intent: To Kill Knowledge: Manga Distance: 50m Restrictions: C0
  44. Crofty

    Muu & Ohnoki vs Sannin

    Location: Madara vs Gokage Distance: 100m Knowledge: Manga Intent: To Kill Restrictions: Edo Tensei
  45. Crofty

    Danzo vs Orochimaru

    Location: Sasuke vs Danzo Knowledge: None Intent: To Kill Distance: 30m Restrictions: Kotoamatsukami, Edo Tensei
  46. C

    Sasuke to get Rinnegan - Naruto to get killed by kid Kawaki soon!

    With Sasuke losing his Rinne-Sharingan, he could opt to get Hashirama's cell-made left arm and we all know what happens when Uchiha and Senju chakra meets - a Rinnegan. It's interesting if he actually get Hashirama cell-made left arm, will it be Rinne-Sharingan or the Rinnegan itself. My bet is...
  47. C

    Sasuke will get a new Rinnegan and Naruto to get killed by Kawaki soon!

    With Sasuke losing his Rinne-Sharingan, he could opt to get Hashirama's cell-made left arm and we all know what happens when Uchiha and Senju chakra meets - a Rinnegan. It's interesting if he actually get Hashirama cell-made left arm, will it be Rinne-Sharingan or the Rinnegan itself. My bet is...
  48. Crofty

    Sick Armless Orochimaru vs Kakuzu

    Location: Tenchi Bridge Knowledge: Manga Intent: To Kill Distance: 30m Round 2 - Kakuzu gets Hidan
  49. Impulse

    Orochimaru vs Boro

    Orochimaru (Who can use his arms) vs Boro Location: Team 7 vs Boro Knowledge:Manga Intend to kill Restriction: Edo Tensei
  50. Impulse

    Who do you think is a better father/parent?

    Who do you think did a better job at being a father? Naruto Sasuke Or Orochimaru
  51. MustardPN

    WA Gaara vs Orochimaru

    VS Location: Desert Distance: 30m Knowledge: Manga Mindset: Serious, Fighting to Kill Restrictions: None Round 2: Oro gets P1 Edo's
  52. Draghensalk

    SM Kabuto is underrated

    I think SM kabuto on the NBD is very underrated and he is overall an underrated character in terms of strenght and that's only because most people heavily dislike him and they try to make Kabuto seems weak because he use a flute genjustu that Temari in part 1 repelled and that part 1 Shikamru...
  53. Crofty

    Orochimaru & Sasori vs Kisame & Kakuzu

    Distance: 30m Knowledge: Manga Mindset: Is to kill Restrictions: Edo Tensei Round 2: Replace Kakuzu with Deidara (No C0)
  54. Thiago20019

    What is Orochimaru's goal?

    I believe they have forbidden him to seek a perfect vessel, in fact, he shouldn't even be able to continue using Fushi Tensei. I thought he created Mitsuki to be his perfect vessel, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So what is the purpose of his research?
  55. Bob74h

    Sage Kabuto and his edo army (Naruto) vs The sannin and their animal summons (Naruto)

    Setting/Location: Third Shinobi world war battlefield Victory Conditions: Death of the opposing team Motivation: In character Circumstance: The sannin try to stop kabuto's plans Equipment: Standard Equipment Preparation: N/A Knowledge: N/A Continuity/Canon: Anime/Video game versions...
  56. Kidkai

    Orochimaru vs Jiraiya

    Location: Sannin showdown. Distance: 20m Intent : To Kill Knowledge: none Restrictions: Edo is at power that was shown vs Hiruzen. Round 1 Oro vs Base Jman. Round 2 Oro vs SM Jman.
  57. Bob74h

    Jiraya and his toad army (Naruto) vs Orochimaru and part 1 edo tensei's (Naruto)

    Setting/Location: The Sannin Deadlock Victory Conditions: Death of the opposing team Motivation: Motivated to kill/Morals off Equipment: Standard Preparation: N/A Continuity/Canon: Anime/Video Games Period/Saga/Age: Base forms and it's part 1 edo tensei Distance: 30 ft Team...
  58. Bob74h

    Orochimaru (Naruto) vs Danzou (Naruto)

    Setting/Location: Otogakure Victory Conditions: Death of the opposing character Motivation: In character Circumstance: Danzou tries to kill orochimaru for their past connections Equipment: Standard Equipment Knowledge: In character Continuity/Canon: Anime and video game versions Starting...
  59. Bob74h

    Orochimaru (Naruto) vs Itachi (Naruto)

    Setting/Location: Otogakure Victory Conditions: Death of the opposing character Motivation: In character Circumstance: Orochimaru tries to steal itachi's eyes Equipment: Standard Equipment Knowledge: In character Continuity/Canon: Anime versions Starting distance: 60 ft apart Rules...
  60. Cuddlez

    4 Kage ( Mu,A3,Gengetsu and Rasa) vs Sannin + WA Kakashi

    Sannin and Kage are alive and in their prime. Intent: To Kill Location: Forest where Kakashi fought Kakazu Distance: 50 meters Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei.
  61. Bob74h

    Akatsuki Battle Royale

    Sasuke is using his hebi version as that's the one that was apart of the akatsuki as goes with the other taka/hebi members of course. Also obito is using his childish tobi version and nagato is using the six paths of pain as thats the version who was in the akatsuki Video game/anime versions are...
  62. MustardPN

    What Tier are P1 Edo's?

    What tier are they in individually and as a duo? Choose 1 Solo option and 1 Duo option
  63. MustardPN

    WA Orochimaru vs Ōnoki

    Location: Naruto vs Orochimaru Distance: 30m Knowledge: Rep Mindset: Serious, Fighting to Kill Restrictions: Edo Tensei Round 2: Orochimaru gets P1 Edo's
  64. MustardPN

    <= 20 Words Thread Strongest Character WA Orochimaru beats

    Neutral Location Rep Knowledge Serious, Fighting to Kill Without Edo Tensei
  65. MustardPN

    SM Jiraiya vs WA Orochimaru

    Location: Itachi vs Sasuke Distance: 20m Mindset: Serious, Killig Intent Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei Round 2: Orochimaru has P1 Edo's
  66. Bob74h

    Composite Orochimaru vs Composite Sasori

    Setting/Location: Konogakure Victory Conditions: Death of the opponent Motivation: Motivated to kill/Morals offf Equipment: All equipment they have ever used Preparation: N/A Continuity/Canon: Anime and video games Period/Saga/Age: All forms and powers Distance: 50 ft Rules: No manga...
  67. Bob74h

    Sasori (Naruto) vs Orochimaru (Naruto)

    Setting/Location: Where orochimaru bodied rasa Victory Conditions: Death of the opponent Motivation: Orochimaru ambushes this sasori Equipment: Sasori has his human body and orochimaru has his kusangi sword Preparation: N/A Continuity/Canon: Anime and video games Period/Saga/Age: Base...
  68. MaruUchiha

    Sage Mode Jiraiya vs 8 Branches Orochimaru?

    Jiraiya and Orochimaru's strongest forms, who would win? vs Location: Dead Itachi vs 8 Branches Orochimaru Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  69. MaruUchiha

    Orochimaru vs Kabuto? (Boruto)

    Who's stronger in Boruto's era? vs Location: Sannin Deadlock Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  70. Bob74h

    Orochimaru (Naruto) vs Minato (Naruto)

    Setting/Location: Sound Village Victory Conditions: Death of the opponent Motivation: Motivated to kill/Morals off Equipment: Standard Preparation N/A Continuity/Canon: Anime/Video Games Distance: 32 ft Orochimaru Minato
  71. nitebaron

    Naruto Retsuden English Translation

    EDIT: Chapter 3 part 3 , Chapter 3 part 4 and Chaper 4 part 1 . -------------------------------------------------- Finally I've had time to embark on this... Someone has translated it up to chapter 3 part 1 (all of her work can be found in her tumblr here.) I've picked up exactly where she...
  72. MaruUchiha

    Hebi Sasuke vs War Orochimaru?

    Did Sasuke surpass Orochimaru after absorbing him? vs Location: Sasuke vs Itachi Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei, 8 Branches
  73. MaruUchiha

    War Kabuto vs 8 Branches Orochimaru?

    Has War Kabuto surpassed Orochimaru's strongest form even without Sage Mode? (Kabuto starts ontop of Manda 2, Oro starts like this) vs Location: Ryuchi Cave Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei, Sage Mode, Kabuto absorbing Oro
  74. MakotoFujimoto

    Neji's Chakra Control vs Kabuto's

    In his fight against Kidomaru, Neji created a chakra scalpel without using hand seals, while Kabuto required five hand seals to create his chakra scalpels. It's interesting because Kabuto was portrayed as a prodigy at the start of the series, in addition, Orochimaru praised Kabuto's Medical Nin...
  75. MaruUchiha

    Hokage Kakashi vs War Orochimaru?

    Who improved more since their Part 1 encounter? (Oro's arms are unsealed) vs Location: Part 1 Kakashi wets his pants facing Oro Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei
  76. Hina uzumaki

    Sannin vs Edo Itachi

    Konoha crater Manga knowledge 30 metres Bloodlusted No restrictions Jiraiya starts in base, has access to bunta only. WA Orochimaru with Edo Hiruzen WA Tsunade. Sannin gets Sealing tags. Side question:- Weakest high kage/top tier(depending on your tiering) that beats a bloodlusted sannin?
  77. Mad Scientist

    X in Y's Situation: Fatigued WA Kakashi [Orochimaru] vs KN4

    X in Y's Situation, Mad Scientist, Kakashi, Orochimaru, KN4, Naruto X in Y's Situation: Fatigued WA Kakashi [Orochimaru] vs KN4 Goal: Subdue KN4 (primary objective) or Kill KN4 (if subjugation fails / not possible) Version: This is Fatigued WA Kakashi as in Chapter 566 but with all his WA...
  78. MaruUchiha

    "Totsuka Blade failed to seal 8 Branches Orochimaru! :conspiracy"

    Some users seem to be under the impression Totsuka Blade failed to seal 8 Branches Orochimaru just because a single snake got away Problem is that came from sealing Sasuke's curse mark not 8 Branches Orochimaru.. Mind you even , so i'm pretty sure Totsuka Blade would have no trouble But let's...
  79. kingjr9000

    Curious about your thought on Seth's Minato vs Orochimaru

    I have my own thoughts on this especially the statement about Itachi rivaling Obito, I just wanted to know what your thoughts were about his arguments between the two based on this forum.
  80. MaruUchiha

    War Kakashi vs War Orochimaru?

    Since Kakashi has improved drastically since their first encounter does Orochimaru get shit diffed by Sharingan genjutsu as usual or go to Boxland this time? vs Location: Same as their first encounter Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei
  81. MaruUchiha

    War Kabuto vs Orochimaru?

    Sigh The Sanin cult is at it again, which snake sage would win? vs Location: Orochimaru's Hideout Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei, Sage Mode
  82. K


    Hello guys Let take a look at the TOP 6 best VILLAINS in Naruto. Be sure to visit our Suggest Tool and Submit Ideas that you would like to see made into Top videos!
  83. MaruUchiha

    Orochimaru vs MS Obito?

    Credit: @Orochimaru op vs Location: Konoha (Destroyed) Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Kamui, Edo Tensei
  84. Mad Scientist

    War Arc Kakashi vs War Arc Orochimaru

    Inspired by my good friend, @Sufex :D Round 1 Location: Grassy plains Distance: 20m Restrictions: Summons, Kamui Knowledge: Manga Mindset: ICKI (In character with killing intent) Round 2 Changes: No restrictions (bar Edo Tensei) LET'S SEE YOU AT YOUR BEST!!!
  85. MaruUchiha

    BoS Sasuke vs Orochimaru?

    Does Orochimaru being healthy not change the outcome? vs Location: BoS Sasuke vs Team Yamato Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei, Orochimaru can't use Sasuke's curse mark against him Bonus Round: Hebi Sasuke instead
  86. Mori Jin

    Kabuto/Orochimaru and Edo Tensei.

    When the jutsu is used, Kabuto (I assume orochimaru could, but if not who cares.) can summon multitudes of the undead. Can he (if he so chooses to), release them back to the underworld individually or if he does it, do they all go back at the same time? Can't remember if this was shown or...
  87. R

    The real question for the Mitsuki arc

    How big do you think the bomb is? The overall explosion range.:catthinks BijuDama size? Tentail BijuDama size? Average explosion tag size?:catnoworries World Size?:catshivers This is what should be asked, could they use him as some last resort in warfare? :catsalutears Or is it just a dud...
  88. MaruUchiha

    Edo Tobirama vs EMS Sasuke & Orochimaru?

    Was Tobirama full of shit? Could he really solo EMS Sasuke & the gang? Who would've won? vs (I'm not counting Suigetsu or Jugo since they're fodder and Suigetsu didn't want smoke anyway lol) Location: Same place Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Suigetsu, Jugo, and other Edo Hokage can't...
  89. S

    Forbidden Games

    Forbidden Games Orochimaru, Tobirama and Kakuzu do battle in a league format Location: FoD Positions: 100m apart Versions: Prime Restrictions: Prep; ET Points: Easy win = 3 pts Tough win = 2 pts Tough loss = 1 pt Easy loss = 0 pts Triple Threat: Winner = 5 pts First loser = -1 pt Rounds...
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