1. Azula

    Naruto What's Tobirama best at?

    When the Hokages were revived we saw that Kishi puts them best in their respective categories. Hashirama- chakra Hiruzen- versatility Minato- speed Tobirama- ???? Tobirama doesn't seem to be the best in any category. Sensing? Minato can do it better with only one finger whereas Tobirama...
  2. Azula

    Naruto Orochimaru Edo Tensei on Hokages is useless?

    Since the Hokages know the signs to release Edo Tensei contract they would just release the contract when summoned. So Orochimaru can't use Edo Tensei to make Hokages fight for himself. Thoughts. :hmm
  3. Grievous2003

    What if Sakura's Father was the Hokage?

    The Naruto movie Road to Ninja provided an interesting what if scenario where Sakura's father Kizashi was the Fourth Hokage instead of Minato. What do you think it would be like if, after Minato's death, instead of Hiruzen coming out of retirement Kizashi was made the Fifth Hokage? For this...
  4. Uchiha206

    Rank the Hokage

    How do you rank the hokage from strongest to weakest? my list is 1. Naruto 2. Hashirama 3. Minato 4. Kakashi* 5. Tobirama* 6. Tsunade 7. Old man hiruzen ( the ones with * next to them are interchangeable to me)
  5. Dark Wizard

    Naruto Alive SM Minato vs War SM Kabuto

    Distance: 70 meters Location: Death Valley Knowledge: full for Minato , 50% for Kabuto Morals: on for Kabuto , off for 4th Hokage Restriction: Edo tensei , only 1 on 1 Reputation: Both respected Weather: Heavy rain Preparation: 10 days to Minato , 7 days for Kabuto Rules: Fight to K.O or Death...
  6. Yagami Uchiha

    Minato vs Hidan and Kakuzu

    Minato is alive and he doesn’t have Kurama here. Kakuzu is alive as well, and he has all his hearts intact. Minato has zero intel on their abilities, but he knows that Kakuzu survived an encounter with Hashirama. The duo knows who Minato is and that he’s fast, but they don’t know how he achieves...
  7. Uchiha206

    Was tsunade really that bad of a Hokage?

    When people say tsunade is one of the worst hokages they always bring up how she saw her dead brother and lover in naruto and that basically showed that she put her personal feelings before the position. But she also had to deal with the mess her predecessor left behind mainly danzo. And she...
  8. Azula

    Naruto What are your predictions for the Minato oneshot manga?

    Get your predictions in now. :mahbro
  9. Y

    Who will take the position of Hokage?

    Now that Naruto is trapped in another dimension, it will be necessary for someone to take his position until he returns. Among the hypotheses are Kakashi, Tsunade, Sakura, Sasuke and Shikamaru. What are your bets?
  10. The Wolf

    Izanagi, The Power To Reverse The Effects of Ada's Justsu? Timeskip Sarada, "Hold My Beer."

    It was another thread here that forced me to consider what a time skip Sarada could possibly evolve into. An all out, kunoichi on female android slugfest that culminates in Sarada killing Ada then reversing Ada's jutsu with a hax version of Izanagi. It makes perfect sense really as she is in...
  11. MaruUchiha

    Sage Mode Minato vs Sage Mode Hashirama?

    Minato claimed not to be a good senjutsu user, but we know that's cap since he had the perfect sage pattern.. What if Ma and Pa are on Minato’s shoulders to help him maintain perfect Sage Mode? How much stronger would Minato be with Ma and Pa helping him? vs Location: Final Valley Knowledge...
  12. MaruUchiha

    DMS Obito vs Hashirama?

    Rinnegan Obito snatches his MS back from Kakashi vs Location: Final Valley Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  13. MaruUchiha

    Hokage 2023 Elections

    I don't wanna spoil too much for those not caught up on Boruto, but... Who do you think should be the 8th Hokage candidates and winner? Should one of the old Hokage Tsunade or Kakashi stand in like Old Hiruzen did, or does new blood like Konohamaru deserve to fulfill his dream? Is Konoha still...
  14. Azula

    Naruto How was Tobirama able to rally everyone against Madara?

    Madara? More like Ladara. Not just the Senjus but even the Uchihas agreed with Tobirama as well as other clans that joined Konoha. Tobirama the True Politician? :monkathink :DankPepe Tobirama the Founder of Democracy? :nidaime
  15. Azula

    Naruto Hiruzen and Tobirama's chakra equal?

    Hiruzen tries to head to the battlefield and gets restrained by Orochimaru. Tobirama tries to head to the battlefield and gets restrained by Orochimaru. Seems like Hiruzen and Tobirama are about equals when it comes to Chakra. Thoughts. :hm
  16. Azula

    Naruto Can Sannin+Hiruzen create Hokage Red barrier that trapped Juubi?

    Hokage class shinobis can create a Red Barrier to trap Juubi. Sannin are Hokage class shinobis, Tsunade is a Hokage while Orochimaru and Jiraiya weren't interested in holding the position even though they were qualified. Can Sannin, along with Hiruzen create Red Barriers in fights? Red...
  17. Azula

    Naruto Is Hashirama the worst among Hokages in cqc?

    All the other Hokages seem to be pretty good at cqc: Tobirama: with the ability to tag someone with explosives and hirashin mark (even with a worse version) Tobirama can perform well on cqc. Hiruzen: Can tag multiple opponents with explosives (more skilled than Tobirama) and use Enma...
  18. Azula

    Naruto Tobirama and Hiruzen both try to tag each other.

    Tobirama and Hiruzen both try to tag each other with paper bombs. Who is successful and who is not? Keep in mind that Hiruzen is said to have surpassed Tobirama:
  19. Azula

    Was Tobirama easily surpassed by new gen hokage? (Last Tobirama thread of the year)

    So as we know a central theme of the manga is that new gen will surpass the old gen This also applies to Hokages as both manga and databook support Tobirama getting surpassed by Hiruzen and Minato. Hiruzen: Surpassed Tobirama in talent and 5 element Minato: Surpassed Tobirama in...
  20. MustardPN

    Edo Hiruzen vs Tsunade

    VS Location: Madara vs Gokage Distance: 20m Knowledge: Manga Mindset: Fighting to Kill Restrictions: None Tsunade has Sealing Tags
  21. Stonez

    Naruto Strongest None Kage level Character ?

    Is it Hidan or someone else ? What do you guys think ?
  22. Stonez

    Naruto Who is the weakest person you consider Kage level ?

    as the title says
  23. Stonez

    Founders Speed ?

    Where do you guys put Hashi and Mads speed at? What feats do you use? Recently people are confused on here and think that these to are slower then they actually are.
  24. Kenjaku

    Naruto Minato = Hiruzen?

    Kishimoto said this in an interview with Shonen Jump in march 2008 (around the Jiraiya vs Pain fight): SJ: While we’re at it… could you please tell us if Minato was the strongest shinobi that ever lived? MK: Hmmm, it’s a tricky question. As far as dead shinobis goes, then yes, he’s the...
  25. Impulse

    Naruto How would the other Hokages stop the Meteor from The Last

    So how would the Other Hokages stop it the Meteor from the last as Sasuke was needed to stop it in canon All the other Hokages Alive Hashirama Alive Tobirama Alive Hiruzen Alive Minato Tsunade And Naruto How can the other Hokages stop it If they were in Kakashi position could they stop...
  26. Stonez

    Naruto Could Shikaku Nara have found a solution for the Uchiha?

    If Shikaku Nara had been Hiruzen s advisor and had he known about the coup d etat that the Uchiha were planning, do you think he could have found a better solution?
  27. Stonez

    Greatest Kage of all time?

    Not who the strongest is, but rather who has done the most for their village to improve it and protect it. Give some reasoning.
  28. C


    I know the title sounds so misleading but hear me out. After probably watching the anime for the 50th time and the manga god-knows-how many times, I've started to theorize Hashirama might just be alive all these years or even possibly still alive today. The latter is really impossible but the...
  29. Stonez

    Is Hiruzen overrated or underrated and why ?

    Where do you rank his powers and why?
  30. ShinboiDood

    Uchiha vs Hokage

    Edo Itachi Edo nagato EMS Madara(no PS or Kurama) Shisui(can only use koto on one Target) Rinnegan Obito(no Bijuu) Fugaku VS Alive Tobirama Hashirama Senju(No SS or wood golem, can use wood dragon) Hokage Minato Hokage Kakashi Tsunade(w/ Permanent Ohnoki weight amp) Old Hiruzen Location...
  31. Stonez

    Underrated characters ?

    Who do you guys think is underrated and why ?
  32. Stonez

    Mu vs Tobirama

    Location Kakashi vs Kakuzu Knowledge None Distance 50m Intent to kill Restrictions none Both are prime and can use all the jutsu we have seen them use + Mu has all of Onokis jutsu as well.
  33. Kidkai

    MS Sasuke vs Kage gauntlet

    How far up the Kage gauntlet does he get. Round 1 Mei Round 2 Tsunade Round 3 WA Gaara Round 4 Onoki Round 5 A3 Round 6 Gengetsu Round 7 Mu Round 8 Minato Round 9 Hashirama Location: Madara vs Gokage Distance : 25m Restrictions: None Knowledge: None Sasuke heals in between...
  34. MustardPN

    Hokage Kakashi vs WA Tsunade

    Location: Madara vs Gokage Distance: 20m Knowledge: Rep Mindset: Serious, Fighting to Kill Restrictions: None
  35. MustardPN

    Boro vs Tsunade

    Location: Boro vs Team 7 Distance: 15m Knowledge: None Mindset: Serious, Fighting to Kill Restrictions: Katsuyu Tsunade starts in base
  36. MustardPN

    Edo Hiruzen vs Kisame

    Location: Kisame vs Killer B Distance: 30m Knowledge: Rep Mindset: Serious, Fighting to Kill Restrictions: None Kisame has a sealing tag
  37. MustardPN

    Minato vs Tobirama

    Location: Minato vs Masked Man Distance: 20m Knowledge: Rep Mindset: Serious, Fighting to Kill Versions: Hokage Minato, Prime Tobirama Restrictions: Shiki Fujin, Edo Tensei Round 2: Edo Tobirama vs Hokage Minato
  38. K

    Ideal Mangekyou Sharingan ability for Sarada? How powerful should it be? I think Izanagi(twice a day) without consequences would make her standout.

    I think Izanagi(twice a day maximum) without consequences could make her standout from other Uchiha. I mean sure Danzo did it, but he needed a whole gang of sharingan to offset the consequences. Imagine being capable of cheating death twice a day, she would be incredible. Now i know people are...
  39. MustardPN

    Dazno vs Gengetsu

    Location: Madara vs Gokage Distance: 20 meters Knowledge: None Mindset: Serious, Killing Intent Restrictions: Koto Danzo can use Shisui's eye for base Sharingan abilities (precog etc.) and Izanagi
  40. MustardPN

    Danzo vs Ōnoki

    Location: Madara vs Gokage Distance: 25 meters Knowledge: Rep Mindset: Serious, Killing Intent Restrictions: Koto Danzo starts with his arm unsealed He can use Shisui's eye for all of the Base Sharingan abilities (precog etc.) and Izanagi
  41. MustardPN

    <= 30 Words Thread Izuna vs Danzo

    Location: Madara vs Gokage Distance: 20 meters Knowledge: None Mindset: IC Restrictions: Koto
  42. MustardPN

    Danzo vs A4

    Location: Madara vs Gokage Distance: 50 meters Knowledge: Rep Mindset: IC Restrictions: Koto
  43. MustardPN

    Hokage Kakashi vs Raikage Darui

    Match: Kakashi vs Darui Location: Momoshiki vs Gokage Starting Distance: 30 Meters Knowledge: Manga Mindset: IC Version: Hokage Kakashi / Raikage Darui Restrictions: None
  44. MaruUchiha

    5th Hokage vs 6th Hokage?

    I made this match before, but that was before the Sannin band era. Let's see where the NBD is at with this one now vs Location: Sannin Deadlock Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None
  45. R

    Who was this a BURN to?

  46. MaruUchiha

    Hokage Kakashi vs Tobirama?

    With Kakashi's novel feats, has he become Top 3 strongest Hokage? vs (Tobirama has his lightning sword) Location: Final Valley Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Edo Tensei Bonus Round: Edo Tensei unrestricted, no lightning sword
  47. Kyu

    Survival Test - Hashirama/Tsunade/Naruto

    The first, fifth, and seventh Hokage get hit with a variety of deadly moves; they have no choice but to attempt to tank these attacks head-on with nothing more than their normal durability and regeneration. No blocking or guarding. What happens to each of them once hit? Attack #1...
  48. MaruUchiha

    DMS Obito vs 4 Hokages?

    Since Juubito can solo the 4 Hokage can DMS Obito too? vs Location: Konoha (Destroyed) Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Obito isn't "dying" Credit: @Grinningfox
  49. MaruUchiha

    Worst Hokage?

    Out of all 7 Hokage which would you say was the worst one not as a character or power level, but just as a Hokage? Not adding Danzo as a vote because that's too easy
  50. saboltgene

    Can Naruto Be Defeated By A Horse Tranquilizer?

    Since they were able to use them on Jugo, what if some villain will use it on naruto as some bastards trick?
  51. MaruUchiha

    Saiyan Saga Goku vs Hokage Naruto?

    Is Hokage Naruto at least fodder in DBZ? Who would win?
  52. MaruUchiha

    Hokage Naruto vs Hashidara?

    Hashirama and EMS Madara get shit diffed by Hokage Naruto so they decide to do the Fusion Dance.. Can they win now? vs (Hashidara has Rinnegan, Limbo, Gedo Mazo, Wood Buhda, Wood Golem/Dragon, Perfect Susanoo, Sage Mode, etc) Location: Final Valley (Destroyed) Knowledge: Manga Restrictions...
  53. MaruUchiha

    5th Hokage Obito?

    Obito returns to Konoha after Rin's death instead of turning into Tobi and along with everything he already had he also learns Rasengan, Kamui Rasengan, Summoning Jutsu: Gamabunta, and Izanagi using a spare Sharingan in his left eye.. Who's the strongest he defeats and where would he rank among...
  54. MaruUchiha

    Favorite Hokage?

    Rank all 7 Hokage by how much you like them as a character 1. Naruto 2. Minato 3. Hashirama 4. Kakashi 5. Tsunade 6. Hiruzen 7. Tobirama (Donald Trump of Konoha)
  55. MaruUchiha

    Rank these 10 chararacters

    Rank these 10 chararacters in terms of power level Rinnegan Obito No Bijuu or Edo jinchuriki Hokage Hashirama EMS Madara With Kurama Bijuu Mode Naruto EMS Sasuke With V4 Susanoo Hokage Minato Hokage Tobirama No Edo Tensei Shisui With Susanoo Itachi No AIDS Prime...
  56. MaruUchiha

    Hokage Naruto vs Fused Momoshiki??

    Who would win in a deathmatch? vs Location: Same place Knowledge: Full Restrictions: None
  57. MaruUchiha

    Hokage Naruto & Sasuke vs Kaguya??

    No help this time.. Who would win? vs Location: Moon Knowledge: Full Restrictions: Naruto can't use Senpou: Talk No Jutsu
  58. MaruUchiha

    Team Hokage vs Team Uchiha??

    Who would win this 4-member team deathmatch? 1st Hokage, 2nd Hokage, 4th Hokage, and 7th Hokage vs Rinnegan Obito Uchiha, adult Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, and EMS Madara Uchiha? Location: Valley Of The End Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: Tobirama can't use Edo Tensei, Itachi can't use...
  59. saboltgene

    Do you think sasuke will teach boruto chidori?

    Maybe when boruto fully activates his jougan, i think that sasuke will maybe think of him as a perfect candidate for this jutsu so he give boruto taijutsu training to make sure that he is quick enough to pull it off then teach him the jutsu, what are your thoughts on this?
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