1. Grievous2003

    What if Sakura's Father was the Hokage?

    The Naruto movie Road to Ninja provided an interesting what if scenario where Sakura's father Kizashi was the Fourth Hokage instead of Minato. What do you think it would be like if, after Minato's death, instead of Hiruzen coming out of retirement Kizashi was made the Fifth Hokage? For this...
  2. overcomingNaruto

    Sakura New Jutsu list

    Please list below:
  3. Grievous2003

    Part I Sakura Jutsu

    One of the biggest issues I had with Sakura is how throughout almost the entirety of Part I she did not have any jutsu of her own. Every genin of the Konoha 12 had some technique that was there own except for Sakura. I know this is to emphasize that she was originally a high maintenance brat who...
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