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Zhen Chan
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  • I saw your avatar and I was like “I know that face from somewhere!” but I couldn’t remember the name of the comic. I remember reading it a very long time ago but I didn’t even know if it had finished, so I did a bit of searching and it’s Feng Shen Ji. I think I’m just going to start from the beginning.
    Zhen Chan
    Zhen Chan
    Yeah its bu nu from fsj
    Man, I remember the FSJ hype on this forum back between 2013-14. Good fucking times.
    Your E-Mail is bouncing. You need to change your email. Thaaaannnnkkkkks. Check spam folder in case you cannot find the new confirmation mail or ask me / other mods / admins.
    Yo homie what you said in the online sating thread in bath house about Tinder working was true. Found a lady that I am head over heels for. :wtf :wtf

    I wouldn't put that shit on even if I lost. Personal honor ain't worth looking like a fggt.
    The back story, or the scabbard? If it's the latter:

    It's exactly as I said it is, just a magical scabbard. The scabbard was made from magical minerals and enchanted. It was just a scabbard, no sword. To get the sword, you must create one yourself and through the scabbard. It's even stronger than something you would normally smith since the scabbard itself is magical and a catalyst.

    I don't plan on it (the sword) being an integral part of his fighting style though, he's gonna be ranged more times than not unless he's forced to go CQC.

    It's more of a memento of his brother than anything else. The time it also takes to make the sword is also fairly quick since after his brother died he would continually make the sword in his memory.

    That's it, really. :catprone
    Zhen, can I give my character an empty scabbard that acts as a catalyst for him to create a sword. The sword is also the strongest thing he can make.

    I plan on having the scabbard tie in with his back story. As it's something from his older brother who tried to protect him, but died while doing so.
    ^ (use bro) I'm busy

    And this shit won't betaread itself. I should know, I've been doing it for six months already.
    Ah, you're that one guy with the cool sig :brofist

    I now recognize Zodd since I've been re-reading Berserk.
    With precognition and a half decent information network i was able to effectively cockblock everyone else at will

    dunno how much damage CK will let you get away with, though. Ruler and stuff
    So... Feng Shen Ji. Are there any raws? I just caught up to what's translated. and I cannot wait. for whats next. I swear I haven't been this hype over such quality in a long time.
    CKs saying pairs are a thing depending on attendence

    So given were not gonna be getting enough fodder to make 14 players, well still be good to go for master/servant pairs
    The OP has the only other information you need. CK tends to make his HGW games pretty wildly AU
    its not like we're picking up a server or anything. Thats actually a legitimate tactic :maybe
    lets see what happens when our version of what went wrong for those other guys happens
    I found that suit building model (As in that gigantic image, whichever is the more fitting description :p) in your RP fascinating, I was wondering if you had any more information about the source?
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