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  • An empty place that cannot be filled.
    An irreplaceable person.
    I still feel like one day when I log in you'll be here but deep inside I know it's just a part of me that hasn't gotten over what happened. Wherever you are I hope that you are happy. Keep watching over everyone that wholeheartedly loves you.
    Till the day we meet again.★
    You will never be forgotten, 2 years shining on us from heaven, miss you. Until we meet again.
    Last tuesday has been a year since you passed onto a better place. I'm sorry I'm late. I still think about you a lot. I miss you so much and I am never forgetting you. Whenever you are, keep watching over us until we meet you again. You are forever immortal in our memories. You are doing great shinning brightly there up so keep it up! Your light is always inside of the ones that love you. We will always love you. ★
    I’ve told you in multiple ways how much I miss and love you.

    I’m still so proud of you.
    The sky illuminates the nights. You do, I mean.
    I hope you’re doing amazing up there.

    I bought a Midoriya pin a few days prior to this date so I could feel closer to you and my heart would feel less lost.

    You’re loved, you’ll continue to be for the rest of my life and the rest of the staff’s and NF’s community.
    Today it’s been an year since the sky got a new star but your light keeps shining on us like star dust falling from there.
    You are still my teammate and friend through the words and conversations we had and i keep saved with me.
    You will always and forever be here, your legacy will always be shared in our stories.
    It was an honor to meet you.
    I miss you so much Sammies.
    Until we meet again ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
    I miss you fam.
    I still can't accept the fact you are gone. There are times I wait for you to log in and scold me for anything I would do or say. Whenever you are, I hope you found a better place.
    The podcast is hard to progress further in without a laptop, but it has to happen. I just don’t know how to use what I have left now, Jimjams.

    Really I came by to tell you that I realized when I’m in awe of sunsets, that have no right to be so beautiful but they are, I think of you. Thank you.
    Hey Sam.
    You know how I always struggled finishing a project and that one time you made an anime review video on YT for the blog Box, you and I were using to give NF a way to provide entertainment? You know how you wanted like a dedicated social media staffer?
    I’m starting a podcast for the Alley and Mafia and maybe more original content like you dreamed of will happen. I just have to keep pushing.
    I love and miss you Sam.
    I may not be a staffer anymore but I will be the dedicated social media “manager” to provide NF with content. I’ll try my best.
    Because you loved this site so damn much, as much as me, and I should have done this for you. We don’t really need staff to do it; we needed a dedicated heart like yours to maintain social media pages and original content.
    Even if it’s just me pouring out content like you did, I will try.
    it's been a year and several weeks already, it's time for a memorial rest in peace comment, i hope God gave you rest and peace in heaven
    Even though it has been years since my last visit, I still think about this place a lot. To hear about your passing has really made me sad, we had some great times together. I hope you are up there with Gooba keeping watch over us all <3
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