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  • yo, I know a good hentai series from Studio Katsudon I'd recommend called Ring Mama. Not sure if you've read this series or not but going through it again and damn its a fun and hot read. :p
    I know that one. :D If you like Nukodoke and RA, maybe check out Donyatsu too, it's about pastry-shaped cats in a post-apocalyptic world. :D
    Hi there!

    Meikyuu is the adaptation of the second visual novel from the trilogy, while the currently running Rakuen season is based on the third VN.
    Meikyuu should be watched between the first and second season. It's an essential part of the story, so it should not be left out.

    Actually, the second season's first four episodes is still adapting the Meikyuu VN, and only then comes the Rakuen story.

    The BD specials are left out scenes from the original VN that were too perverted to be included in the series. Ofc, the specials are only ecchi as well, the actual sex that happened in the VN were cut out from these shorts :wink

    The BDs have not been subbed yet, as far as I know.
    It's certainly an idea to keep in mind. For the time being our main concern is making sure the section doesn't go completely inactive. It seems to have picked up a little in the past month, so that's good. We're going to talk about changing the contests in the BH so that's another way to get perks. Anyway, might be a little soon to try to get admins on board for BH-exclusive ranks but remember the thought and once we're rolling along it could be worth pursuing.
    You negged for 889 points actually, but at some point I messed around with some of the neg ranks to make room for "user talked shit, got hit"

    That said, "went to hell and back" is at about -100,000... So, wat
    I'm not allowed to give specifics. It's against the code :bees

    Just saying you're a good guy.
    My self insert version of me in my fantasies with animu and mango girls is pretty self deprecating that's for sure. :maybe
    Oh I get you but most of us don't have such restraint to wait that long. :lmao

    Oh not you too!:mad better than ponies or creating pedo situations with a fictional character you're RPing with!
    You mean like the fantasy of how one religion believes a bunch of female virgins are waiting for them in heaven once they've done a suicidal selfless act for the cause? :LOS
    These guys are in that thread are just...toxic. And to think i get friendly crap from wanting to walk in on my girl riding another man. :laugh these guys would get chewed alive anywhere else. :oldryoma
    Yeah that comment about Shikamaru saying he was 12 and the RPer saying that makes it better is just....:argh
    They're really getting carried away in there. Eck! I hate to be that guy since I'm black but, "stereotypes exist for a reason" and these guys are not even trying to stray away from them one bit but diving in. :defeat
    Oh god they're RPing with fictional characters. :uwah
    I haven't RP'd with anyone since I was 14 or 15 and it was with other people(that included fictional characters). :rotfl
    :lmao shit you might get repped for it instead of negged since its such a good edit.
    well sending a zero pointer bot into the full red bar is pretty easy given they have no rep to balance it out
    Yeah subdesu sold out and I don't know any other site you could use in their place. :psyduck
    No problem at all. Especially since you are a poster in the anime/manga areas where the rep distribution is obviously scarce compared to FC or Plaza sections.
    eh, you got a good point though, I suppose.

    I joke out of friendship with Oreo, but I suppose that could get misconstrued amongst other people's banter, couldn't it? *sigh*
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