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  • Came here from Dariustwinblade's profile... you're another guy that I haven't seen here for a looooooooooooooong-ass time. Good memories of 2011-2012.
    Willy do you remember what approach did you use to calc Claymore earthquake feat? :hmm
    Yes, but my method was a lazy and overall faulty one. Basically I assumed it moved 1m deep X radius circular cylinder at 1 m/s or something. It kind of worked and surprisingly the result was fitting but we have a handy impact calculator for the same.
    IIRC, roughly 1% of the impact energy is used for the seismic effects. Albeit I am sure the impact calculator has a PDF file detailing the formulas which also told how much of the energy is converted.
    So use the impact calculator till you get a seismic effect which fits your needs and then take 1%(?) of the impact energy to get the power of the earthquake. IIRC the pdf file also contains a simple formula for calcing the earthquake's energy directly but I long forgot what it was.
    Sorry for not responding quickly enough to the last VM, haha

    I'll drop in a reply within the next 24 hours anyway: I've heard some aspects of Muv-Luv in the past that would prove to be excessively challenging, particularly in terms of numbers
    Anyway, wanted to ask you first.

    The old Kazuma Yagami respect thread got trashed because of reasons (ask UD). You want to make a new one or should I? It will probably take a while if I do it since I would need to rewatch the anime, and go through the light novel again to collect the excerpts.

    Doesn't help that I am stuck on an android.
    Alright I think I have the calc figured out, a shame it's only a bit feat in the long run but what can you do. Thanks a ton for the help Willy :catsalute
    Yo Willy, I heard that to be inside of a black hole, you need to endure your own mass-energy. Would you happen to have a source for that statement? No rush of course, just curious :schwarzstars
    47 Gauna (albeit of undefined size and with unclear methods) managed to split the planet Earth in half.
    Their core is also tough enough to survive the indirect blat from a planet buster missile which made an entire gas giant violently explode (think of small star busting level yields there)
    The Large Mass Union ship also reached the Lehmn system from 3 lightyears away under a few months at best.
    The moethod is unknown but if that was merely their "standard" travel then all vessels in the series are FTL.
    Otherwise speed-wise there's a feat of Guardians reaching a dwarf planet 1 million kilometers away under just 1-2 hours and skilled pilots especially Tanikaze was capable of dodging Higgs Particle beams that travel with nearly lightspeed.

    Power-wise it's a bit hard to put down where the early type Guardians stand but the latest types can literally fly through the Sun and be just fine (save for the pilot getting cooked)
    They can also lift small mountains worth of rocks and their mass accelerator cannons should be comparable to that ferry ship's which made a blast that could be seen from space and rapidly altered the environment of the entire planet.
    Continent level.

    Heavy Mass Cannons like the one used early in the series should be orders of magnitude stronger than the above.
    They're also experimenting with Gravitational Beam Emitters.
    One of the Hybrids can power one and it rapidly made a gaping huge hole in one of the planets.
    Easily in the low yottaton range.
    Sidonia can theoretically build a similar device if they use up all the ship's energy reserves to power it.

    So yeah, it's a quite strong series.
    I've read through Knights of Sidonia but I don't remember the high-lighted (or maybe I'm just misremembering it, I dunno). For the sake of accurately evaluating all of the series' feats, you mind telling me what chapters/arcs those occurred in? :hmm

    I'd really appreciate it. I thought of doing a calc for the Large Mass Union Ship basically covering an entire planet in placenta near the end, but I really couldn't think of any good ways to quantify that, at least not in terms that would easily apply to the DC/durability of individual Gauna.
    Hey dude, just wanted to know what your reasoning on this is?

    Even if they happened at once, we do see the blur..
    0.1 seconds in general can work for blurry effects IMO
    Totally Not A Cat brought up an interesting point

    Do you have a cellphone? Almost every phone has a chronometer built into it.

    My right arm is 0.76m long, if I wave it forming a semi circle in front of me, the trajectory of my hand should be that of half of a circle's circumference that has my arm as a radius, so 2.39m
    If I wave my arm moderately fast I'm able to see a blur, by your logic that'd mean it must've happened over 0.1 seconds or less meaning I'd be able to casually move wave my arms at 24 m/s.

    But in reality, my chronometer tells me I took 0.44 seconds to wave my arm. I know I'm not a superhuman, and 5.42 m/s is perfectly reasonable speed for anybody to flail their arms at. This is a good example of the blur meme not being consistent with real life, much less with the art style of any Bob Joe or Susan Antonieta
    Think 0.1 seconds would work for panels where it's implied to take place in an extremely short timeframe and the blur spans the whole distance of the feat?
    By the way have you seen Relics yet? An old ship that had been rotting for nearly eighty years or something on the surface of a dysons sphere is able to produce enough energy to prevent the doors on the sphere from closing long enough for the Enterprise to escape.

    It's a very impressive power generation feat
    Hah, I thought I was the only one who thought that the MSX Metal Gear feats were overlooked. Yeah, had the Outer Heaven explosion on the back of my mind for a while now :lmao
    No i haven't could you give me a link to where i can read them and yeah its a shame that we wont get a third season
    Hey Willy i recently finished reading the Full Metal Panic light novel series and man the last few volumes where great
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