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  • Well, you realize that I'm living in Korea right now, eh? IRC would likely be ill advised.

    Still, if you wanna do a play by post, or are interested in co op development of a new game, let me know.
    Hahaha, that's cool. Are you serious about getting a book published then? I'd love to check out some of your stuff, your settings all seem cool. I never read Shay's book though, dunno if he's still writing or not.

    You ever use the battledome IRC? I just started to I could catch up with members from our generation that don't post much anymore.
    Yeah the maths this year was fine but it's suposed to be a pain in the ass next year with econometrics.

    You still writing anything? I remember that you were building a world at some point.
    I'm taking Economics, I already know half the course from A levels to be honest so I didn't have much of a problem. What course are you going for?

    Whereabouts in Canada are you, I've been when I was young but I don't really remember. A few of my relatives have moved there recently though so I'd like to go at some point.
    You actually moved to Canada then? That's cool man, I remember you telling me you wanted to get out of the UK quite a while ago. What's the job like, anything good or just until you go to Uni?

    I'm pretty good man, just finishing up my first year of Uni, got in before all the crappy tutition raises. Kinda suprised myself at how well I've been doing, just have to revise for exams now and get the placement preperation started for my third year. I was thinking of taking a place in America, Canada or Germany if I cann't get a place near my home so I can save money.
    You still around man? I've finally bothered to start psoting more than one liners for the first time in well over a year, thought I;d see what everyone else is doing. How stuff going on your end?
    Yeah, NF really isn't what it used to be unfortunately. The cafe happens to be one of the worst section nowadays if you ask me. So much bigotry and bashing against religion in there. Not to mention radical liberalism in general (not necessarily politically but in other areas).

    Real life is going ok atm. Aside from college being really exhausting sometimes. I spent some time with my parents and relatives today so that was fun. How are things for you?
    Colonel Quaritch was the only real and sensible character in the whole goddamn hippie movie.

    he was a dude after my own base commander.
    Hey, wanted to let you know that I addressed some of your points in my KC match here. Let me know what you think. :amuse
    Thanks dude. It was originally from the Emperor's perspective, and would have focused on VICTOGLORY. But I decided to try something different. :del

    What's the status on your fanfics by the way? I'm interested in your sociopathic!Itachi and Sannin orientated ones. :hmm
    Yay, someone will actually read it. :iria

    Tell me what you think. Or lie if it sucks. :del
    If it's any consolation, I read the entire thing. :hurr

    Hmm, can I send you one of my stories? I based it on a Byzantine game of Eu3 I played (not shit, I promise), and no one I know has any interest because of that. :C
    Thanks for the add dude.

    Oh and my apologies if you got annoyed at me over your Fanfic. It was meant to be just good natured teasing. But it occurred to me I probably wouldn't respond well if someone did that to one of my works. So sorry. :(
    It may not be something to aspire to on a forum, where proper grammar is often maligned, but that isn't the point, is it? I have no auxiliary motivations for writing the way that I do. This is simply what flows out of me when I put my hands to a keyboard. Now, if you want to say that I am merely average, you are entitled to do so, as I previously said, but my academic prosperity?which is a result of my florid prose?is far more important to me than your fatuous comments.
    Yes, my conduct on the internet led to the blossoming of my verbal skill, which, in turn, led to those things. My ability to write was rather average until I had some practice, which this forum supplied in great abundance.
    Well, it's gotten me an internship in Washington D.C., a perfect score on two AP English examinations (and therefore college credit), admittance to an honors program, constant praise, and three insignificant awards for being "eloquent" on this forum. I have yet to experience the adverse effects of writing the way that I do.
    I find your style of writing to be comically simplistic. It may be "enough", but it certainly isn't something to aspire to. Forgive me for saying that, but, then again, this is purely subjective, isn't it?
    If the common internet user is considered mediocre—as you seem to agree—then surely being overly elaborate by comparison is a good thing.
    It was starkly implied, and no matter the context it is a horrible argument to make, as is the assertion that you are more articulate than most people on the internet. What an accomplishment! What exactly do you want me to say? "Congratulations on being above mediocre"?

    Also, your correlation between neurosis and intelligence is false.
    To say that someone shouldn't do something because no one else does it is a poor argument. You failed to properly respond to this.

    (And I'm sure you wanted to say that it "addresses it quite well" not 'easily')
    No, I can't say that I am aware of your extraordinarily well-hidden talent. Our previous exchanges weren't very memorable, so I only have our current conversation to judge you by.

    The argument that "no one else does it" is a feeble one. Disregarding the compliments that I receive for my writing, being the sole member of a cause is hardly something to harangue someone for. It completely omits the actual issue. I don't care what the standard for the internet is?I never have.
    I don't think you do understand. By your standard of writing?and compared to effort you exerted in discussing the content of my post?that is vivid. Although your recent message to my User CP would suffice as well. I'm sorry that a college writing level is too nuanced for you to comprehend or appreciate.
    "Vivid, by your means" suggests that I was insulting your imagination, sir. But I'll take your confusion to mean that I should be more direct and simplistic in my writing. Your opinion about WolfPrinceKouga means nothing to me, because you're merely spiteful, and there are numerous members who would contest your paltry attempt to belittle me.

    Sadly, you're only emboldening my opinion here.
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