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  • Thanks. I'm still very passionate about math and physics, and science in general. But unfortunately it's not easy to find a job that allows you to make full use of your talents, much less a well-paid job.

    I'm very much looking forward to Lunar New Year too, since I no longer have school break to look forward to.

    I can't imagine myself getting married. I love freedom too much to give it up.
    It's so great talking to you again. I'm also working now, as a hardware engineer. Totally out of my comfort zone if truth be told. Electronics used to give me nightmares in school, so I have no idea how I ended up doing what I'm doing. >_> But at least it's decent company (Intel) and the working hour is more flexible than typical 8-to-5 jobs. The leisure time has reduced drastically, but I try to read, watch movies and come to NF as often as I can.
    danke. am glad you like it. Did you try the Salil Bhatt and Doug Cox raga fusion I did a while back?
    Good detective skills there. :p

    I not only watched LIFE, I uploaded the whole series to youtube illegally. :lmao It's very good. The acting is brilliant. It's about a very good-looking girl being bullied by a group of girls led by another very good-looking girl.

    How did you find out it was him? :omg

    Yeah, he is the coach of Meihou team. I think it fits my internet personality meticulously. Don't you think? :ho
    Happy New Year to you, too!

    Do you have the tradition of family reunion dinner on New Year's Eve?
    That would make me such a lame-o. :lmao

    My New Year Resolution is lots and lots of money. Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching...:evil

    *still a lame-o*
    Happy new year vanhy vanh <333

    Dude, I know. Hearts are not enough.

    *does indian dance*
    *happens to wear a steel armour*

    Have seen you the 20th Century Boys Live Action? I watched the first two (it's a trilogy) and they rock!
    lol you should totally post it in that thread.

    Show them fuckers what they dealing with :ho
    You never posted your manga list :mad

    Man, knowing you it will take like 2 posts just to fit everything in :lmao
    Yo vanh. Apparently the glitch over at the rep page allowed me to find you. lol it's been a long time. :amuse
    lol I'm still fumbling around in the dark, like a toddler. But I'll get there, or die starving trying. =/
    If you look at my recently posts, you'll see that I'm still pretty active. Perhaps a bit too active for my own good.

    I'm planning on working from home through the internet, because 9-5 job isn't really my thing. Plus, fixed salary means I'll never get to achieve my dreams (unless I'm being paid more than USD5k per month, which is another dream itself xD)

    You said you wanted to have a coffee house of your own, so that you can sip away the relaxing afternoons staring at the clouds (ok, maybe the last is shikamaru's, not yours. xD) But if you can't remember what you said, it probably isn't your real dream anyway. =P
    Happy belated birthday. Any closer to your dream life?

    Don't do drugs or become an alcoholic.
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