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U mad bro
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  • It's one of my favorites this season and the last (as it's a 2-cour). Good story, and the MC's (the one with the red hair in the sig) growth is really nice to follow.
    Of course U mad bro. :LOS:gun

    It means that you were him then he got banned and then you are here now. :maybe:gun


    Maybe, maybe not. :maybe

    Are you saying that with nostalgia in your face? :maybe:gun

    Then he is you? :maybe:gun

    Nope. :maybe

    You said it was his persona. :maybe

    Believing doesn't require that much imagination. :maybe

    He acts in a similar manner to you. :hmm :maybe:gun

    I didn't. :pek Are you? :maybe
    I was complimenting his conviction. But what about you. :maybe

    Which is why I said you just gotta believe. :maybe

    Also Future Rogue >> Hades.
    Also Sting is doomed as fodder anywhere. :lmao



    We should all be hermits then. :maybe

    He reminds me of you a lot. :maybe

    You sure that is just his persona? :maybe
    Many people are actually themselves more or less on the internet with some changes.

    I don't remember, but I do know it was you so you just got to believe. :maybe:gun:gun

    Yep, I recall that you were black. :hmm

    In other words I am right. :maybe

    I call that self-leading. :maybe:gun

    That's why I am asking you. :pek


    IWD is always serious. :hmm

    I got it from you of course. :oh :maybe :oh
    Keep telling yourself tha. :hmpf.
    I saw some VIZ poster pictures. Didn't you have one for yourself? :hmm

    But consequences will never change. That is just one example of the complicated notion of absolute. :LOS
    There are two types of people in this world, Leaders and followers, roles easily interchange in that regard.
    Meantime, I keep seeing the banned Morning Wood name. :maybe

    You mean the Tv series?

    Am I ever serious? :hmm
    I won't be engaging in that level of insults. :hmpf

    In truth we as human beings dislike consequences, so we repeat them. Rules are relative too so the whole rule and absolute are much more complex. :hmpf

    Does it matter if its too short? :hmpf:gun

    That series sounds familiar.

    In related new, Bluenote soloes Narutoverse. :zaru :maybe:gun
    You're wrong. :hmpf

    I believe there are at least few absolutes. But relative perspective makes it your day. In the end the only one who can convince you is yourself.

    You do. :maybe:gun

    I don't read much manga. Other serious include One Piece sometimes, Bleach, Strongest Disciple some times ( it gets dragged out a lot), HxH. I don't think anything else. Well I looked at some FMA and Soul Eater and some Beserk and some Jo Jo.
    I do? :hmpf

    Still doesn't change what I say. Whatever absolutes that have existed, we make it relative. :hmpf

    Anime takes time longer, you know that. :maybe

    Kishimoto rarely does fanservice. :hmm
    Unless you believe in reincarnation :hmm

    You know why "gray" exists? It's because we do. :maybe

    But if he didn't tank it then why did it rip immediately. :maybe

    My dorm area had a chinese food event. We all got fortune cookies and some of the started adding the words "in bed" after the message. Yep it changed everything. :pek :lmao :pek

    One Piece has fanservice? :hmm :maybe :hmm :hmm
    No man can come up with 100% truth ideology. :maybe

    Yet V2 Lariat never broke through his body. In the initial moments he took it like a boss. :awesome.

    THe ability to feel enjoyment and get satisfaction from your work or activity of whatever is indeed a true gift actually. :hmm

    How so? :hmpf :maybe :hmpf
    Do you enjoy Nakam power? :maybe

    Oh? :sun

    Yolo is blasphemy. :hmpf :LOS :hmpf:gun


    I like to thing some absolute standards so exist but again though it is also matter of opinion and priority. For example, we care less about the quality compared if we can simply enjoy it.

    I enjoy reading FT, but not because its high quality. :maybe
    Bluenote Stinger could always come back in FT. maybe:gun

    Nagato has no nakama. :awesome

    So where are you serious? :distracted

    Nagato tanked it before he started absorbing. :maybe

    I heard opinions were mixed.
    You sure about that mein square? :maybe

    Hades's explosive spells.

    With the power of Nakama he might. :zaru

    Whoa now Ft isn't that weak. :maybe

    I think the real question is are you capable of being serious. :maybe

    Nagato tanked V2 Lariat. :hmpf
    What I am saying is, that he should return for one more bout with Naruto.

    Was it bad? :hmm
    I think it was more than a mountain. A very large mountain to be in fact. Mountains in Narutoverse are rather smaller than you think. :maybe

    But not better than Amaterasu 100. :maybe
    I don't think BLuenote could reverse that level CT gravity. :lmao

    Well Itachi's all 3 MS can in theory one shot. So I guess you are saying Hax is also on their side. :maybe
    Fairy Tail's fighting style is too linear. They got some powerful spells, but they lack rather versatility. Like Gaelek13 said to me today, Bluenote seems to be the weak point. :maybe

    Is that serious too? :awesome

    Kakuzu's Doton Domu and he also barely survived base form FRS.
    Nagato should seriously be given a proper fight. :LOS
    But Bluenote has lol blackhole. :zaru

    Your second sentence makes no sense. Retype that please. :hmm

    You should. :maybe The point of discussion is to go all out until one collapses as Jura said to Laxus. :maybe

    Kisame, Kakuzu, Pain, even Zetsu and Hidan to a lesser extent not so much.
    But Bluenote is much more a gravitiv user. :maybe

    Amaterasu formulas and Bluenote's Fall. :maybe
    You aren't really trying are you?. :maybe

    Iron Sand Drizzle spam. Yet Sasori never does it.

    Sasori is also a glass canon. :maybe
    So is Itachi without Susanoo. To be honest, C4 is actually pretty broken. It's nearly impossible to counter it.
    And also like Sasuke, you are likely to think its a dud.

    One Piece will last ten more years.


    Deva Path is more limited to attraction and repulsive aspect of gravity. :maybe

    But Kabuto said Nagato can't move. :maybe

    For example Sasori's Iron Sand and lots of sword users in Fairy Tail.

    Deidara is a glass cannon. :maybe

    I don't know but it will certainly increase his power that is for sure. It is also another thing. How long One Piece will go?
    Concession accepted. :maybe

    What do you mean by better anyway? :hmm

    You mean ink clones? He has to incapacitate all of them or some at a time. Kabuto has insane regeneration and body fluid liquid form. :maybe

    Well I don't own any of Halo.

    What if Bluenote does it so much he can't move. :maybe

    Better at what? :hmm

    You mean RM Naruto and it was a surprise attack. :maybe

    Sasori is what I call a situational ninja. :maybe Same with Deidara.
    So you aren't? :maybe

    Why you say that? :hmm

    How would Bee prep/

    Halo has substantial amount of lore now.

    Amaterasu does require some distance. If the target is bigger than its easier. Bluenote uses gravity so they can't move. :maybe
    Hades and Bluenote have impressive reactions. :hmpf
    Nagato can't move well. :hmpf

    Samehada fusion can in theory counter C4. I find Sasori should be higher. His 3rd Kazekage form is a threat.

    We actually never saw that fight.
    Do you consider yourself fair minded? :maybe

    Mid tiers Narutoverse sucks. :awesome:gun

    Kishimoto said BEe is still a very strong ninja.

    THey lacked a lot of things in my opinion. If you want hack and slash got to KH series. :maybe:gun

    Because those numbers are for Halo 7, Halo 8, Halo 9.
    I suppose another trilogy after the 2nd on is possible.

    Only Itachi can. :hmpf
    Plus at a very short distance. Right? :hmpf:gun

    Your list. :lmao

    Now I see why you thought Deidara would solo Grimoire Heart. You place great faith in Deidara or rather mainly his C4 not Deidara himself. :maybe
    It was I think.

    The only true ninja except Muu oh wait not him too. :maybe

    The other 7 swordsman were pretty bad. So much for Pakura and that Explosive fist user.

    Madara was trolling the entire fight. :maybe
    Although EMS Madara would have won if he used PErfect Susanoo sooner.
    Then again he beat young Onoki and Muu by himself. :hmm

    GOW gods were disappointing. :hmpf

    7, 8, 9 already bought as domains by Microsoft few months ago. :maybe

    You said Itachi/Pain >> Bluenote/Hades. :maybe
    For the sake of debate I shall argue the reverse since I like to play Devil's Lawyer I mean Advocate. :maybe:gun

    Read comments and list.
    Without his mirror speed. Haku would have been destroyed. :maybe
    Just like Zabuza needed his mist jutsu skill or otherwise just a regular strong jounin. :maybe

    Kyuubi Lee blitzing was just insane. :maybe

    Well you can back up your preferene with hopefully legitimate reasons but in the end it comes down what you believe and what they want to accept. :hmpf

    GOW is overextending itself too far.

    Heard Gears of War 4 not as good. Halo 4 had enough altering for a massive Halo fan to notice clearly.

    I meant you sure to your assessment of Itachi/Pain to Bluenote and Hades. :maybe
    Poor Bluenote, no one gives a crap about him. :maybe

    Saw some Akatsuki strongest to weakest rankings on youtube videos and read comments. :lmao
    You sure? :maybe

    Kyuubi Lee > Gates Lee. :LOS

    I personally think it is overhyped. Its good and depending on your perspective it can be a masterpiece or not.
    Oh? :hmm

    FTL Haku. :maybe:gun

    More as just wanting to see your opinion with them and Bluenote and Hades. :maybe

    Oh I get ya yet Kishimoto doesn't want us to count out Lee with gates.

    Just watched Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough and ending.
    Lucy has lots of fanservice. :hmm

    Well Naruto/Sasule and Hashi/Madara have to bridge the gap. Otherwise its just a too massive of a jump. :maybe

    So still top tier for you? In that case how would put up with the fan favorites with Itachi and Pain/Nagato? :LOS

    Lee I can understand with Gates but no one else.
    Concession accepted. :hmpf

    Lucy. :maybe
    Oh yea Future Lucy died. Way to go Mashima? :maybe:gun

    I think that is a little too overpowered for Naruto manga for PErfect Susanoo to use those techniques. I mean How is Hashirama is supposed to stop those? Oh wait never mind we need to bridge the gap between the Juubi and Rikudo Sennin. :maybe

    Its still pointless. :maybe

    What about Bluenote? And How do you rate him in the time skip? Sadly, Hades had more to show.

    Are you talking about IWD? :hmm
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