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  • you should be an astronaut by now

    are you typing in space right now?

    and I'm well enough, I suppose

    no super powers yet though
    #5 is the latest.

    Yeah, there's a lot to follow.

    I was most surprised that there was another Endless sibling -- Dusk.
    Have you read the latest Overture issue?

    Have you deduced what the new D-names would be? I can't come up with any.
    t chan what do you do and what was your degree
    my memory is bad
    I am doing great, living in the UK with Richard. :3

    I work as a waitress at a restaurant and having loads of fun.

    How are things for you?
    I mean, it's not all gold, but I've actually starting watching MORE anime and playing MORE Japanese games as time has gone on. Dawn and I collect figurines and toys and stuff--our house is a shrine to nerd-dom.

    Dawn gets that all the time. I'm a man so I guess people don't think that about me, but they'll always ask Dawn if I'm looking for something or if she wants to get the latest Calladoody or Madden game for her boyfriend. Same thing with comics, which she knows a lot more about than I do, but people think she's just hanging around with me and I'm like "they're just dudes in spandex wrestling. Not my bag." It's too bad none of this is useful information.

    Yeah, I guess you've just got to find the right groups of people. The college town here isn't too bad, but it's such a sausage fest when it comes to nerdy things in general anyways; I'm not sure if that's because there's just not as many girls or they don't feel comfortable.

    >war exploitation novel.

    Stop. I can't. This guy. Just... really?

    I always hate when I meet someone who's all like "YEAH, I LOVE THIS" or even 'YEAH, I HATE THIS BUT HERE'S WHY' and you're all like, oh, awesome! Dialogue! And then it's pretty obvious 5 minutes in they were lying or pretending to be cool or something.

    Happens all the time for me.

    I dunno, he got beat so hard I think he deleveled. Life is like Godhand and if you fuck up too bad you start at zero.
    Jen, you have no idea how much of a weaboo I've BECOME. I never really was before, but now I have a bunch of imports and shit; it's crazy. I have so many video games. But I also sell a lot on eBay and know a lot about them in general, so I'm quite knowledgeable about them, the rare ones, how to fix them and what to look for, etc, but it's really useless information.

    I would love to go there. I adore those kinds of places where it's just, like, a bunch of old buildings that got smooshed together and they knock out walls and link 'em together and stuff. They have secrets! I like those kind of places, and if they have all kinds of goodies and stuff to find, it's even better! There's this kind of 'hipster' store in Raleigh (I live in North Carolina) and it's basically an old 3 story apartment that's like 80 year old and is full of clothes, records and knick knacks. It's cool, but the building rickety and fall apart.

    Oh my jesus. I feel bad laughing but... I can't help it. That's hilarious. I'm sorry. People are fucking insane, man. You should vocaroo that shit.

    I have read Slaughterhouse Five and it's one of my favorite books. Vonnegut was a big deal in my highschool years and is one of my favorite authors.
    It's in North Carolina, and it sells all kinds of neat stuff aside from books, which is awesome. Records, CDs, DVDs, Videogaemes and books in the same store; it's awesome.

    But the magic is dangerous.

    I've never heard of this magical place you must elaborate immediately. I love those kind of places; I could spend hours combing their depths. I wish I could. :(

    You must tell me the story. You must.
    Definitely not on a fitness kick lol

    But I've got my own job and apartment and stuff now so things are pretty good
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