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  • Hey Taxman

    Tax this!


    just kidding don't hurt me
    I noticed you're violating the sig rules. Please set a positive example and follow the rules yourself.
    The only thing that surprises me is the racism. I don't mind jokes, but I think it's a little out of hand when people are calling blacks apes.

    Hope you're good man.
    This place has definitely gotten a little out of control dude. I was surprised looking through some of the sections.
    That's so cute. Btw I don't actually know the song, but now I do! I should know more about my own profession lol.

    Forensic Science like CSI? I've always thought being a coroner channels the best expression of 'cruelty' that you can have while still being regarded as a healthy, functioning individual of society. Example: "I really wanna cut you up - I'm so glad you're not feeling anything cause you're dead".

    Okie Taxxy I'm headed off to bed. Talk to you soon and good night ~
    Nice to meet you too! Awesome I can't wait :skysun

    Just as an interim - why "Taxman"? I've always wanted to know. Do you have any financial education background? and how does Taxxy sound like to you? I think it's cute. I shall alternate in between.

    Hi Ryan! I'm Raz / rahs / russia / soviet, whatever floats your boat. You're friends with Vinnie, which automatically makes me trust you. And I'm happy you like hugs cause I'm a hugger. I hope you post more in the section so that we (read: just me, really) can get to know you more organically :skysun hihi
    You are one of the greatest finds of the accent thread.

    Please. Have a seat. You're our man of the hour.

    Who are you, Taxman? What can we know more of you? Is your face really a lock?

    Haha nah but seriously, you sound awfully friendly like I just wanna go up to you and give you a hug :skysun Would that be too much? Heee.
    Hi, good evening.

    I requested to join the bath house, could you accept my invite please? Thanks.
    Hey, hate to bug you but Kenny changed my name as a joke and then left for the night.

    You couldn't remove the "vas Quib Quib" part of my name could you?
    I sent a request for access to 18+ forums and have yet to hear back. Am I approved and if so is there anything I have to do next?
    Your sig reminds me that I was mad about Excalibur not being used more extensively in SE :catflip
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