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  • No, never. I've been incredibly lucky so far - been using Macs since around 2001 and never once had any problems with updates and OS installs. What have you been trying to install?
    I meant give me rep and I'll answer, but whatever... just don't use anything from the source material until after I change sets... cuz that would fucking be so uncool of you.

    It's from the Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood music video.

    Now rep me >:0
    To be honest, it's only supplemented by the fact that it involves NF and/or an NF member. If I know someone face-to-face, I consider it. Online: nope, not a chance.
    The whole webcam/webchat thing is on my very long list of experiences, and I know it's something I don't enjoy, so I just don't do it. :/
    I've watched all her movies, though I think MFL was the last one I saw and was not that long ago (maybe...2 years ago? I was on a Rex Harrison streak at the time). I liked it better than Breakfast at Tiffany's (I find it uncomfortable to watch that - the upstairs neighbor stereotype is cringe-worthy and overall it's just not a movie that aged that well to me). MFL didn't end as I expected it, bit more misogynistic than I had anticipated but still enjoyable and I could see its influence in a loooooooot of movies since. Roman Holiday just depressed me. I can see why she was a popular actress, though.

    As for A Clockwork Orange, I saw it years ago just because I'd heard a lot about the book and the movie and how influential they both were so decided to check it out - deeply disturbing movie. Deeply disturbing. Kind of movie you need to watch something chipper and life-affirming afterwards or you despair for humanity, but it's a should-watch film (or should-read book).
    Truly? Well, glad you approve. I can't take credit, didn't make it - some twisted genius out there made it. I simply ran across it and couldn't resist wearing it. I feel like I stole something incredibly weird but cool off someone else's washing line. Yay for Glorious Peoples Internet Search Engines!
    I'm not James Bond; his set is different. Same name since 06.

    Connery is undoubtedly the best; no man dawns a tux and a martini like him.

    Audrey was nice in Sabrina. My fiance looks just like her, but with more curves :druul.
    Your set turns me on so much. When I regain my power, I will endow you with my rep:pek
    I am an animal driven by logic. Instinct and ego are in the back seat.

    I had a short temper back in the day. When it's all said and done, the best way to handle a situation is to laugh at it and walk away. From now on, when you get pissed off, step back and look at what's actually going on. Most likely, it's pretty ridiculous such a ruckus is being stirred up over something pointless. Laugh and move on, giving the matter anymore attention than that is just wasting your time.
    The way I see it, if people have a problem with me, I'm not the one with a problem. They can get themselves worked up, I'm not gonna break gait.
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