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  • I sometimes mix troll post with serious one. However, that argument of Naruto being damaged by swords, thus, being not durable is not as good, unless we say Ei can tank SM TBB + Susano'o arrow, because he tanked a chidori flowed Kusanagi, and Juudara couldn't .

    Basically, a strong being with a sword is made to cut people of his general level. And this is like a "manga rule" just like characters receives atomic bombs hits and their clothes are unscathed. I could give you DBZ examples where Frieza tanks Spirit Bomb but is cut by Trunks's sword.

    Things like this have happened in the manga, Sasuke's sword cutting Madara in half when Harogromo powered up Yoton Rasenshuriken couldn't, or stabbing SM Naruto, etc, etc, etc.

    So, if we go straight (and here was the troll-joke- sarcasm part) featwise, Sasuke's Katana has shown better feats than just cutting mountains, talking about pound per pound.
    Ohhh, I meant like what are you going for as in what are you studying but I thought you were in college/university.

    Yeah I will definitely give it a shot.

    What do you mean this year ruined it? Just not as fun, or the people that joined?
    That's cool, bruh. What are you going for?

    Yea I like anime a lot so I watch a bunch of different shit, Death Note was so awesome. But I don't actually watch much action aside from Naruto.

    Game wise I like console games but I heard LoL is pretty awesome. I play SNES, N64, Gamecube PS4 Xbox 360 pretty much anything. Mega man, Resident Evil, Mario, Zelda and Pokemon come to mind. Although I probably play sports games like FIFA and Madden the most since the replay value is obviously high. The Evil Within was awesome too. Have you played any of those?
    well i haven't been here in a while,i just check out HOU and Naruto battledome.........
    Not sure, but he did leave awhile back. I don't think he's gone for good though. Look him up on Member List.
    He's also a furry, gay, and soon to be transgender. His personality is passive-aggressive as well, just an all around not great dude.
    Hey I remember you posting in the League thread. What server do you play on and what's your summoner name?
    Don't tell the SS-shippers :kaga
    Though it would be sad for Sakura if her lifelong dream went down through the toilet. Or should i say: ironic. Considering how she acts to others..
    Some people are just a bit fanatical when their favourite characters are "bashed". In many cases: buthurt Sakura fans, or buthurt Sasuke fans. Even worse are the SasuSaku fans :maybe
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