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  • I love you Arvin... I’m that weird bitch who still thinks of your beautiful eyelashes
    Two years. It has been over two years since we last let our blades dance and rub furiously against each other. The path of Asuras, it seems a lonely one, sagely master.

    I hope your journey has been fruitful.
    susano is a traitor to nf and will be executed if he ever returns
    have you ascended? :(

    have you found the auspicious one? :(

    the once vast webs of my shitposting faculties have now withered like a dry limb. i am a fool to look to you for salvation. your powers are osmotic.
    I recall we spoke before, I just tend to change my name every other month or so. Maybe you remember me better as... Korosensei? Leon Soryu? no idea.
    But I have a plan and I truly need your help with it. That is if you accept my offer.

    Speak thus with the Gathas of my heart.
    you are beautiful
    i need your essence to fill my day with joy

    i had a great convo with a pretty hot guy and i thought of you.
    when someone engages me I feel so great.
    why do you
    type in an eccentric format
    and also put random
    stories or whatever in your
    im just curious
    not meaning anything bad by it
    Oh yeah I've heard of that one
    cuz there's an episode of Community which is basically a big wink to that

    I'll move it up in my shit I need to watch list :)

    And nice, hope you enjoy

    what job are you starting?
    i too have lists. for everything. i need to be more decisive with them as well tho
    Susano-o, I noticed you made a rate thread in the Blender. Here's the thing, champ...

    Nobody really cares. And people are only posting to make you waste energy on typing.

    Your opinion on member quality is about as significant as the lint in my pocket. That's not significant at all, it's worthless and annoying.

    However, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just being realistic with you. If you want to improve your post quality as an NF member, let me know and I'll do my best to help.
    Haven't watched that, but sounds interesting

    You should watch Synecdoche, New York
    one of my all time favourites

    It's highly abstract, and pretty complex
    but if you can let it speak to you it offers a very engaging honest look at much of the human experience, and our common doubts and fears and stuff, quite touching in how relatable it can be

    I actually just started a film studies minor
    should be interesting
    go on
    do it
    talk about how reality is a social construct

    no but really, maybe our realities intersect somewhere, and you have my ponytail and i have your eyelashes.

    i just bought fake eyelashes on the internet. i am so totally alive
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