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  • I can give you a few names some of goddesses and characters from hindu mythology(Ramayan and Mahabharat). Shikhandi , Brihannalla are little darker characters from Mahabharat. As for Goddesses Kali is also called Chamunda, Ugra, Kapalini etc. Durga is called Tripura(mean owner of three worlds), Vajra and Chandika.
    lmao have racist people always been just flaunting their shit out in the open around here. or am I just seeing this now.
    I saw him at a coffee house in Seattle for free :hehee

    I didn't wanna bother him for a picture or anything. I just kind of freaked out and acknowledged who he was and said I was a HUGE Marvel fan.

    He said "Excelsior little lady" and gave me two thumbs up.

    Best day ever.
    I am gonna genuinely take the day off and just cry when Stan Lee passes away :(

    I met him once and he was so nice :(
    Nothing specific but the Blender thread is a good place to start.

    WAD apparently had a tiff with ch1p who apparently owns the Sarada FC and has banned talk of Sarada's parentage :lmao
    Knowing Kishi he could explain it away and it turns out that Suigetsu tested something of Sasukes by mistake :lmao

    The FCs are a goldmine of reactions if you haven't seen yet btw :tentacle.

    Have a good day at work Sunny. We will have to try and catch up tonight :hug
    This is an old one actually.

    I can't be bothered to make a new set right now :p

    Oh thats right I never went to bed. I should probably take a nap and then do errands.
    Well I assume you are getting ready for work. I will let you get to it.

    I will probably be on sometime later today. Gonna get soem stuff done around the house and run some errands.

    Have a good day! :bye
    NG is great. kishi trolling with Sarada seeing karin in the first chapter had me laughing so hard I had tears :lmao

    It also seems that it has a mildly interesting plotline so far. Enough so that I will be keeping tabs on it to be sure.

    Bleach is just...Bleach. :p

    Its like I never left. Kubo gonna Kubo.
    Hi :bye

    I am off today and I spent all night catching up on Naruto Gaiden and Bleach :3
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