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  • By design, do you mean complete production or are you a non fab (I dunno what the term for non fab is outside electronics :/ ) so that you only design and send the design files?

    Also, are you familiar with Control System design? I mean as part of your job? I kinda need to ask a question if you'd please care to answer :)

    Wow that's quite the history. Though I'm surprised it took you till age 14? Seems like you are a very quick learner though, so you've more than caught up. Do you believe we'll ever have modular tablets/micro devices so that there will be a build your own culture for smaller components? Never happened in a very big way for laptops afaik.
    Whoa Mechanical Engineer? That's an amazing job man. Are you involved more in the exploration part or the drilling or refinement?

    That reminds me, I read an article recently that most oil rigs in India are ancient design and not at all up to safety norms and stuff. Is it similar for your country?

    That sounds like a very mature plan to build computers. You already had experience in this area from before I guess?
    That's some high quality shit man. You probably have a great job for being able to get this like right out of college almost I assume (considering you're a young 23?)
    Hey I need some suggestions for buying a laptop.
    Budget is no more than $500.
    Looking for a budget for collage work.

    Suggestions/comments are welcomed.
    That is good to hear; I live in Massachusetts, but I prefer to not be any more specific than that. I still live with my parents at the present time, but once I have a full-time job, I shall save money to find an apartment near to where I am working, so that my commute to my work is not a long or difficult one.
    That is a great salary to have immediately out of college; I must confess that I am slightly envious, but that is very good for you. You and your family should be very proud of your accomplishment.

    I live in the United States, and have lived here for my entire life. What about yourself? In what country do you live?
    I hope that I did not offend you with my previous question, as I have met some people who attempt to make an unpleasant job seem to be far more prestigious than it actually is.

    That is extremely impressive, StarAdder, to have such a position at your age. I hope that it continues to go well for you, and if it is not your ideal job, that you find your ideal job soon.

    By coincidence, I have a younger brother who is the same age as you, recently graduated form college, and he also has a job working as an engineer, for a private company that manufactures vehicles for the government. I actually am slightly envious of him, as I still have not yet found a full-time job, but I am, of course, immensely proud of him, as he has put tremendous time and effort into reaching the position where he is now, so I hope that he continues to do well in everything that he does.

    I myself am hoping to find a position working in the IT department of a major company; one sufficiently large to have the resources to help me advance my position and have job security, but not one so large that it considers its employees easily replaceable and does not view them as actual people. I also would like to have a side job working in a small local computer shop, to help average customers with their computer-related problems, but I must first establish a secure position for myself. I plan to take the CompTIA Network+ exam at the end of this month, and the Security+ exam before it is retired at the end of this year, so I have been studying diligently and hope that any certification I obtain will help my efforts to find a new job, as each certification is very much like a college diploma, and employers search for people with degrees or certifications.
    That sounds good to me, StarAdder; you are only twenty-one years in age (if the age displayed in your profile is accurate)? That is very impressive to have such knowledge at your age (although I am twenty-three, so perhaps it is not so unusual).

    When you say that you "work for an oil/gas company," is that a polite way of saying that you work at a fuel station, filling cars, or that you are a mechanic in its garage? I certainly will not insult you or think any less of you if that is true, as my current job is a dishwasher in a restaurant kitchen, and I do not at all like it, but I am enduring it, as it is the only job that I have, currently. Hopefully, I shall be able to find a new job after I have finished my classes at the end of September.
    I actually believe that that is a very cool story. I am very fond of Starcraft, and I have played one Mech Warrior game, so I can appreciate that username.

    You seem to be very knowledgeable about computers, so I am wondering: do you have a career working with computers, or are they only a hobby of yours?
    What is the origin of your username? I find it to be a very fascinating and overall "cool" name, so is there an interesting story regarding its origin, I hope?
    Well, a phone is what you can install on it. Both Android and iPhone handle pretty much the same with general functionality and speed. Then the App Store of Apple is far, far superior, trust me. The battery is also best of the bunch. My HTC Desire barely lasts a day, lol. The camera, excellent. Really do not got many complaints against it, except the price tag.
    Haha, indeed. Not living in the US, I have no clue about AT&T's deals. All I know is that they're shit, lol. An iPhone 4 is really great actually. Excellent display, battery and camera. The App Store also really can't be challenged by Android in at least a few years, if ever. I would get the iPhone 4 if you can afford it, actually.
    Another of your free products? *giggles*

    Well, it's not hopeless. Hopefully it will be upgraded to Android 2.2 during 2010, but Dell is quite slow as 3.0 will be out for HTC soon. smile-big

    As said, it's not a bad phone. Quite humongous, one must admit, and I'd probably not pick it over say a HTC Desire if they are priced the same. :laugh
    Someone needs to frequent the computer thread more often! It has been really active lately, and I bet you would have had a lot of inputs as well if you were there when it happened. :coffee
    *Must resist linking to TTGL video of "You Are My Star" with Yoko in the main role.* :lmao

    Star it is then, unless you got an abbreviation for your real name or something. :p
    Haha, I can only describe myself as mentally disturbed after having watched that anime. It took nearly 2 weeks for me to get a grip on my life again after that. =P

    I have yet to watch Ghost in The Shell, but will do so eventually. I assume you have seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? The second remake OVA of the series has been subbed just now, but I'm waiting out for a better quality version. After all, that is the pride of Japan's meccha culture, and the budget is probably through the roof. After the first OVA my jaw had filled up with water like a pelican's peck. It was that amazing!

    And hmm... if you liked Clannad, you should definitely watch Toradora! too. KyoAni has made other brilliant series like Kanon and Air, but they are so similar to Clannad, that I won't bother recommending them. Toradora! is unique to the bone, and yet nearly on par with Clannad overall. Entertainment value is above it, ability to shake you up a little bit below it.:amuse
    You know you've got a good signature when three random people rep you out of nowhere, asking where it's from. But it's Clannad, so it's only natural! My fav series of any genre. smile-big

    It's really a nuisance when people ask for a computer setup, you give it to them, stating it's the best available for the price... and then they leave you a note saying "this is what I went for" and they've radically changed it for the worse.

    You can't really state the obvious either, since they've already ordered and well... it'd be rude.

    Wow, you watch quite a lot it would seem. In fact, I only know one person that is more active than you. He's completely off the charts though, currently following more than 60 different ones. If you gave more of them ratings, I might be able to use it as a brochure for which to consider next. ;33
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