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  • Well I'm super late, but yep, and then we built a shiny anti-NaruSaku palace where their house used to be :)

    God, I need to get on here more. I missed all the anti- fun.
    I've been seeing wut ur doing in big3 :hurr
    I'd like to get the nerves to post there, i did it 4times only but now i just read the rants.And sometimes my hands almost move alone to post against a heresy but i try to keep away to not lost my nerves.:amuse
    lol, I like that, It's a really big help to someone who's as directionally challenged as me XD

    'Bearer of Wisdom' shares your mirth. hehe

    I mean, it's not a shojo, which is why Kishi is going to ignore the directly declared confessions of sakura & hinata, in favour of including more explicitly romanticised scenes for narusaku, equipped with a full blown confession & considerately leave hinata to tragically die or be happy for narusaku & for sasuke to redeem himself by dying or to be content being a loner for the rest of his life while being indifferent/ happy for his teammates..........but wait, I thought it wasn't supposed to be a shojo manga * shakes her head*

    lol, kakashi/icha icha paradise is practically canon. I bet it feels amazing, when even your crack ships come through for you. I bow to your pairing deduction skills ( & mine XD) I've never been wrong about a pairing before as well. Must be our phenomenal feminine instincts; my gut feelings are never wrong XD. ( some are pending, but i 'm 100% behind them- harry/ginny, ron/hermione, sheryl/alto, hirumamo, ichihime, lulushir, sasusaku.....etc, etc,etc)

    Yeah, its okay to like narusaku as a pairing, but to believe that it is actually the most likely pairing to become canon, when it has no evidence to back this up whatsoever, irks me immensely.

    I was getting bored with the romance thread since it seemed like it died after my last post, but I come back for a day or two & voila, it came alive again. You & the rest are doing a gr8 job out there. I prob won't be posting a lot, since my finals will be in a week or so... Wish me luck :)
    Whoa, thats detailed info. I know who to go to now if I have any more stupid moments XD.Thanx; Paragon of hope, eh? Sweet!!! pretty apt.
    lol! That green name bar thing is sooo fun. So, I hereby, haughtily announce that my name is, *chin up, nose in the air* ' Bearer of wisdom' . Ha, I feel sooo proud of myself XD.

    But you know what, I checked out a couple of other names & they're all uniquely impessive. (My proud bubble got shot with a burst of humility XD:() Who gives out these names anyway? any idea?

    Uhhuh, tell me abt it. Posts are sooooo ridiculously fun, because they have soooo many holes in it & I thrive on poking holes in opposition's theories, especially when it has very little credibility in it.

    Hmmm, out of curiosity....can't really glean from your posts, but are you a shipper or simply against narusaku?
    Btw, do u think u could tell me hw to rep someone, wasnt aware I could do somethin like that?
    Thanks, You did a spiffying job yourself 'Spiffy is Glory' XD
    Did I tell you that I find denseness quite appealing? ;)They amuse me more than annoy me, so really, it all works out. (well, atleast until I've exhausted my reserves of patienceXD, plenty left for now;).
    Oh no, I don't mind. We all bounce off one another in that thread, quite often. Haha, it must irritate him even more that someone else sees my side of it. And thank you, so much. =)
    No problem ... but thanks. Don't worry about that though ... coz this is life in NF, it's expected. :)
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