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Speedy Jag.
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  • They are fucking criminals, the lot of them. My theory is a lot of their born wealthy MP's and politicians will buy real estate on the cheap once Brexit occurs, and the pound tanks. This was part of the evil plan all along.
    It will all workout soon, mate. Don't worry.

    Keep yourself occupied and the time will fly by.

    Also, how is morale locally with Brexit approaching soon?
    Mate, I think a lot of are gonna bite the bullet and binge watch them all, too. It will be a worthy and noble cause. Will also provide extra feels when Endgame finishes. All 3 fucking hours + of it(which I think is a great duration BTW).

    Also, how are you and Mrs. Speedy doing? I wish you well brother. :catfeels
    Dear Speedy, hope you are doing well, mate.

    Take care of yourself, and wishing you the best.

    Speedy Jag.
    Speedy Jag.
    You won't believe it mate, getting married soon!

    Congrats, brother. So happy for you. This is awesome news

    Mate... London is calling

    Speedy Jag.
    Speedy Jag.
    I'm working in Clacton next week so unsure if I'll be around when you're in London.
    No worries, just make sure to take care of yourself brother. Thats all that matters. If it's cool though, I will likely send you a text wishing you a Merry Christmas and again on New Year's. Will likely randomly pick your brain from time to time while I am there, even if you won't have the time to come down, due to the work schedule.

    I did. coutinho beasted. shame that no big team in needs an AM so they could take him away from you guys, he makes you dangerous.
    I just kinda forgot about it
    It'll find its way to the internet eventually

    I can't even imagine what the artist is gonna draw after this ends
    He's honed his art so far
    how are you on the up when you're winning less games than before. you're doing worse than under rogers. living in the present is pointless now? what? that don't even make sense, you use the present to ascertain how you'll do in the future. like all you have right now is gut feeling and hope, because you certainly don't have the results. face the harsh realities breh. you sound deluded, outright saying stuff that does not make sense. i ain't know klopp had done this much damage already


    i don't like seeing you like this speedy, stop insulting your own intelligence. self ether is the worst.

    meanwhile we are 6 points off top 4. leicester being in the top 4 is an outlier. you have gone off the deep end and dashed your own intelligence into the bushes :laugh
    your whole post is "in the future" lmao. you gotta deal with the harsh realities of the present. klopp's a fraud.

    and you're dead laughing at a club that's in a better position than yours and saying shit like "you look silly"

    stop ethering yourself

    i don't care about mourinho joining. anyone would be an improvement on van gaal at this point. so it can only get better.

    meanwhile you guys brought in a guy you thought was gonna be the second coming of the messiah and he's doing worst than rodgers

    but you keep tryna deflect tho i know its eating you inside


    i still remember you wishing this fraud was your dad

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