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  • Have you joined the Retirement group yet?
    Pretty much. The Retirement subforum is like a hidden section you can only access if you request to join, much like how the bathhouse used to be. Its not super active but its a chill place that a few cool posters post in. Some posters only post there because they don't want to deal with some of the newer members anymore, lol.
    Where do I request to join?
    I ripped this from the PM's I used to send people:

    This is currently a hidden forum, one you must be given access to to join. To apply you must go to your User CP. Under Networking, click Group Memberships, find Retirement, and click join group.
    I lucked out and got a copy that had both expansions in it. I know the Taken King is coming out on the 15th, but I figure I can just upgrade when the time comes.
    I think he did. And thats how Boruto came into the world.. The son rebelling against his father :kaga

    Seriously though, Kishi did some great things. Not always the most original, but still.. I enjoyed pt1 a lot, and early pt2 was good too. Especially the parts with Pein/Nagato. After that though.. Perhaps it really is the editor who made Naruto as good as it was.

    I had a discussion with someone else about this: it seems as if Kishimoto is able to ask questions, but not really able to answer them. He can start a plot, but the end of it is a mess. The end of Naruto is a mess. And the end of Gaiden will most likely be rushed as well. He just crams too much stuff into it, and seems unable to properly plan things out.

    Though.. writing a fanfic taught me that planning ahead is extremely difficult :lmao
    Its one of the reasons why The Last disappointed me.. I mean, everything was in place, even after Naruto for no apparent reason 'forgot' about Hinata's confession during the Pein arc, he was now at the very least partially aware of how important he was to her, and at the end of the war they were standing together at Neji's funeral.... and then another two year timeskip? :wha

    NH should've had development post-Pein, but it never got it. Personally, I think Kishi never did it because he was scared he'd scare off the NarSak fandom (just look at the response to ch700.. I doubt he ever expected the pairing wars to derail so far). But to go with another timeskip..

    I guess you're right. He has no clue on how to do romance. Only drama. I pity his family :(

    I'll check out Journey's End soon! Has been years since I saw DBZ, nostalgia :lmao
    Nice oneshots, especially the last one! Made me wish Kishi really had done something like that.. Too bad he didn't develop NH more throughout the manga.

    I must admit i couldn't read the first one though! Spanish isn't exactly my forte :lmao
    Yeah.. I really pissed someone off :catskully

    Here's my profile page! Got one long NH story, and one NH family one-shot. And Pareidolia is my weird side project :lmao
    perucho1990, It has been a while since the last time I posted there.

    Dont like that much because VegetoEX is probably the most strict ADMIN/Mod I ever seen...
    Thanks for the rep. :yay

    But. Srs. That girl can think clearer than most adults I know.
    Except I'm not, the first was, the second was an invitation to just try to shoot one.
    If talking to her isn't allowed then you made a mistake in taking sides, this is a casual conversation at best.
    This is something IC I'm allowed to deal with on my own terms.
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