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  • Thought of you, one of the most creative people this forum has ever met. Came by your profile page. Saw Tek's messages.

    I know you're going to check in on this while not signed in someday. Still thinking about ya. And not in an obsessive way, ya hazmat! >>
    Miss you sook. Gimme your skype, too.

    Now the important info: TekCyn passed away July 23rd, 2012. Trying to get a hold of you and Shrymmie however I can find you to let you guys know and give you a link to her online obit/guest book should you want it. Take care of yourself in the meantime. :hug
    sooooooook! I was going to watch Mushishi again last weekend but I had a surprise Teklet visit. We stayed up 'way too late on time-changing night, talking and giggling about dead cats.

    And YES! Kanky's in the manga again. He was just whining about some poison gas, if I recall correctly. Also, he's got Deidara and Sasori trapped in his puppets, which is a fangirl's dream but he doesn't seem to be a fan. We don't know how Temari feels about it, but she does have a fan.

    Meanwhile, Sakura has gone to war in a skirt. Seems rather impractical, unless she's developed a new jutsu that uses the poon-beam.

    I posted to Cynny-chan's FC. Does that mean you won't touch me now, ttebayo? :scry

    So delighted you're getting in touch with people again (and included us in that) - it's something I need to do more often, too. But worth it! Good luck at the upcoming thingy and yes, I like to write, haven't seen Black Swan but heard some stuff about the story that made me :facepalm. As for the last bit of what you asked no, yes, no and yes. No, can't do it in 30min, yes it'll be original, no it will most likely not be flawless, yes I would do it for you for no compensation, anytime. If you ever seriously want something, let me know and I'll see what I can do - take care in the meantime :hug
    sookiepants, miss talking to you and Tekkie so much - no idea where you guys hang out these days - mostly hiding out, myself, because of cranky users. But hope you are well and hope someday I can catch up with you :hug
    UGH! SOOK! you've just made me quiver in my pants with your statement of love for Hetalia

    it tops everything i've ever seen in my life
    and i've been to Edinburgh zoo. least come on MSN every now and again? D: i'm only on it when i come to the library and i MISS YOU, FREAK
    lol. but sook you abandoned D.A years ago. You cant come back now. the hurt was too deep when you left the first time :B
    thats what everyone says. i didnt mean for Smithy to be hot but he just sort of...turned out that way
    teachers...mmmmm...i have a crush on my tutor :eek:
    It'll be a good day when it comes - and stop using it for a pillow; won't hurt so much then :hehee

    Poor sooklet :hug
    Big galumphing dogs are so fuuuuuuun :ruri Just be aware, some breeds have a LOT of health issue innate to the breed, so make sure you're prepped (have the money) to deal with something that arises. If you get to looking and tell me what you're looking at, I can try to warn you what you might be getting into. Big dogs tend to have shorter life spans, too, again as an FYI. But they also tend to be mellower. 2 of the gentlest dogs I ever knew were my friends Great Dane's. Man, those things were great. My dads tech has adopted a couple greyhounds, too. They're terribly sweet, and very shy. Greyhounds that get dumped from the racing circuit or never make it are such a sad sight...they rarely have names and are really skittish from lack of cuddles. But they warm up REALLY fast and are terribly cuddly after that <3
    OMG, babycakes! You need some serious help. Harlequin romances, much less NASCAR themed! And boys who won't leave the house without hair gel. I'd rather see you in a lusty relationship with Chouji. At least you'd get donuts in the morning.

    But what do I know. I'm watching a program about Area 51 while my cat complains loudly about my failure to make summer be outside and there is fake snow or dandruff or something moving across my browser.

    Fudd, Elmer Fudd. Hunting clothes & all the suaveness of a harsh laxative. That's what we have over here. Little wonder I prefer pretend flying ninjas.

    And I won't be cursing you or smacking you but I'll bet I could get shrym to do it. She'd probably volunteer. :) Out of love, of course. :love
    And I have missed you, my little snickerdoodle. Even more than my lost innocence.

    We have no Guidos here. Strictly Fudds. It's uninspiring but at least I don't meet many guys who are prettier than me.

    I lost my temper at work this week. Told some smartarse kids to stop messing with my job. I may have said it in 70 point, all caps & bold. And I said the F-word, as well. The boss wouldn't let me apologize cuz he said I was in the right. Sometimes, I <3 my boss. :)
    That isn't dandruff, that is *snow*, my lovely friend! Open a window, let in some chill, and get in the spirit! (then close it, get a hot toddy and get warm again).
    Omg dogs are adorable. They're a bit higher maintenance, but if you have the time and space, they're worth it. Soooo much fun!

    Cute puppy vid for j00

    I hope to get a jack russell someday, though most likely I'll end up with a mutt because I have a soft spot for mutts and like to adopt animals from the pound when I get one. Anyway, lucky puppy getting a custom made sook-chew-toy, rawr! Post a pic of the finished product maybe? :wtf

    Good to hear from you, keep posting, chica! :naruko :kwgod :hug
    Hello kitten! I'm a little zombified but I wanted to say that I saw you posting a bit & my little heart fluttered. :) I hope you're doing well and that you have lovely holiday plans. I'm taking a few days off (I have to or I'll lose the vacation time--so not happening) but I'm not doing anything. Which is fine by me.

    PS - those things for tek are so cute. I was looking at her Album and she has such neat toys, too. You guys collect and make the coolest stuff!
    sook-chan!!!!!! Ok so tell me in PMs or something what email to use - and keep using this method, this works, too. But eff those spambots for making you close comments, that sucks. That drains the spontenaity out of the convos. You don't need to send me a card or something, I ain't asking for that, just wanted to send you one :iria Annnnnnnyway, re: pit bull. It might. They like to get blockages and you don't know what else they're eating. The key thing is to keep the junk in the toy and tell your friend that if its starts coming apart, to take it away from the dog, just don't let it eat it (goes for any toy). Use a TOUGH material for the toy, something like, I don't know, sacking cloth, or undyed denim (or rinse the inks out of it) something insanely tough and *tear* resistant. For stitching, make it look like Frankenstein's monster. You cant stitch too much, stitch the hell out of it. Just build for durability. THen design the look however you want and you're good to go. Biggest thing is your friend taking it away if it starts to come apart. Otherwise, AWESOME gift, doggie will love it :wtf
    I'm alive but I miss talking to you! I'd still like to send you a holiday card this year if you wanna hook me up with a mailing thingy (my motherboard died in July, I lost everything then). Anyway, where else can you be reached in the meantime? Deviantart? Someplace people can leave like...messages n stuff. Anyway, thanks for getting back to me so well, O Artistic Chica! :naruko
    Holy shit it's a sook....annnnnd she's here n gone. Hope you're alive and well, chica :hug
    Grrrrrrr. You are a lameface
    How am i ever going to contact you ever again ever? :C

    btw i have a new deviant account - i know you're not on there anymore but thats where i am!
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